Puppies at Education Gateway


I went to see an old friend of mine whose wife owns a school near the University. Towards the end of the night we saw the dog that normally sleeps by the front door. She was heavily pregnant, so we knew it was only a matter of time before she popped. That night she was breathing heavily and convulsing. Niels thought she was going into labour but I drew on my previous experience with Suzy (the husky) that normally dogs find their own personal space and are not sociable for a couple of days. After waiting half an hour I said to him I doubted she was going to have puppies and he should not worry about it.

It’s a good job I’m not a vet…


Yep, the next day she had 10 healthy puppies, and a look of “Did you see? Did you see what I did?” spread across her face. So we spent the Sunday checking up on her every hour or so…


Wait, Why were you visiting this Niels fellow?

I was visiting that Niels fellow because he said he was going to help me print a couple of my books, so when I meet people who sounded interested I could give them a copy of my book to read, and afterwards spread it around like an STD…


Well there’s that, and I can give a copy to people either in the marketing sector or people who feel they could make money from it and have better connections than me. In today’s society all it takes is one person to say they love something and it can snowball. And I can make a mean snowball (The drink AND the weapon…)

Erm… OK. What about the other book you claim to be publishing?

I’m still waiting on the editor and the girl that does my book covers. My old editor has gone back to America and I have no way of paying her unless I decide to stress myself out in terms of learning about international bank transfers, so I got a new editor. Unfortunately he is taking a long time and has already cost me double what I expected to pay, and I haven’t even seen the final product yet. Hopefully it’s worth the money, but I won’t find out until I see it.

First world problems… How’s life other than that?

It’s good. I’m leaving Thailand soon so I feel nervous because I haven’t travelled in a while. I know once I start I’ll be fine, but I’m in that transitional stage at the moment and I don’t know how to feel. I’m not used to not having an income so I’m hyper aware of any money I spend.

I also went out with a friend of mine called Diana. She rang me up and said, “Hey cousin, want to go bowling?” In Roman’s accent from GTA 4. I accepted and threw a few heavy balls down a shiny line. We played three games and I won all three. NO MERCY!!!!



Later on that evening I got a message from a friend of mine called Lena (who I actually named a character after in the book ‘Destiny’) asking if she and her boyfriend could take me out to dinner before I left. I didn’t want them to pay for me but one of the downsides of dramatically quitting your job with no plan B is that you don’t really have a source of income. So I reluctantly let them pay. It was a great meal; a great meal with great people. People who in truth I’m going to miss…


So to sum up the life of Lewis; No book yet, maybe this week. I have a book in the form of a print out that I’ve been looking at, reading and smiling as I do so for the last few days, and I caned a Kazakh girl at bowling. No biggie. Tune in next week for most likely more emotional goodbyes…


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