I Just Wrote A Guest Post For ‘Yopics’!!!

I’ll give you one guess what this blog is about…


So long story short I have written a guest blogpost for a website called Yopics that specializes in article writing. It is about a beautiful city in Romania near the Serbian border called Timisoara. Feel free to have a look and let me know what you think 🙂

16113451_1423249524376250_5695948295724173595_o (1).jpg



16113416_1423249124376290_4950178528828970836_o (1).jpg

If you could let me know what you think in the comments section I’d really appreciate it. Until then I’m going to enjoy the rest of my holiday and mentally prepare myself for writing another book. Wish me luck!!!

My Mum Has Welcomed ‘Sir Lewis of Clarke’ To Her House!

I’m in Phang Nga – in the south of Thailand – where my mum lives. I’m here for 10 days visiting her and also seeing some of the nearby sights at the same time. As I walked into her house after a long bus ride this is what I was greeted with:


It did make me chuckle! I’m looking forward to spending over a week of doing nothing and not having to focus on writing and work for a while. It will all start again once I get back home of course, as I have a book that I need to get started sooner rather than later. But for now I’m happy to be in holiday mode!

This Is Why I Write…

I got another review yesterday, I’ve just read it back five times and I am speechless. There are so many emotions going through my brain right now I simply don’t know which one to express first. Here is the review for one of my latest books, ‘Stranded’:

Lewis bookcover strandedfinal1

“Firstly whatever I write here will not do this book and author justice.

I originally read this book to support the author who I met years ago, so I was lucky to read this book before purchasing it. I will be 100% honest I didn’t expect to be so mesmerised and inspired but this book did change my way of thinking and to be perfectly honest changed my life. Again I thank you Lewis!

Basically I had been plodding along in my little life, not taking chances and turning the opportunities down I had of quitting the 9-5 and following a dream, a career I had so much passion for but no confidence that I could achieve it. I read this book and changed my thought process, I can’t just plod along. I needed to live my life, mistakes, gambles, happiness whatever my new actions good or bad I was to be living! Fast forward 4 months; I no longer require anxiety medication, I moved, changed careers and I’m happy.

Can’t wait to read the others!”



When I ask myself why I spend hours upon weeks upon months writing books I don’t think of the money. Of course, money would make my life so much easier – but I write because I want to inspire; I want my stories to be the reason people think differently and feel motivated; I want to look back and think I entertained people and made them feel good about themselves…

I look at this review and think if I stopped writing right this second I would be happy, because I have inspired someone. I reached out to someone and literally changed their life. I just want to reach out to her and give her a big hug, because she has unexpectedly helped me fulfil one of my dreams. This is a feeling that I don’t want to go away, and I hope is replicated in the future.

I really hope to inspire and engage a lot more of you. Life is about entertaining yourself. I’m just thankful this wonderful person opened her heart and let me entertain her…


Here is the Amazon link to the book if you are interested:


My First Twitter Campaign Has Ended, And It Went Extremely Well!

15,000 impressions and over 3,000 clicks on my book The Butterfly Killings. This was a huge confidence boost as literally ONE IN FIVE people who saw the advert actually clicked on it. This to me says two things:

1: My sister is an epic artist, as the book cover was the main focus of the advert (She designs my book covers)

2: People have a genuine interest in my work

TBK book cover 1

I’m glad I’ve reached a new audience of literally 3,000 more people, and hopefully that will lead to more and more people being inspired and entertained by my books. And once they read The Butterfly Killings, they may move on to my other books and enjoy those ones just as much.


Thanks everyone! A new campaign will be starting soon, however I’m not sure when exactly, as I need to devise a plan. And when I say devise a plan I mean procrastinate and eat chocolate…

A Reflection On 2017…

Just like many of you, I saw lots of social media posts saying the cliche ‘New year new me’ and some saying they couldn’t wait to see the back of 2017. I even saw one hilarious newspaper article that had a picture of a girl and the simple title of ‘I decided to swear off blowjobs for 2018 and and by 12:30 I had a cock in my mouth!’ (And after scrolling through loads of random porn, I finally found the link so you don’t have to scroll through yourself and then explain to your wife/husband why you are looking at cocks… https://onsizzle.com/i/my-2016-resolution-was-no-more-blowjobs-but-by-half-6660871) and to be honest I sat back as 2017 passed and thought to myself, “Well, 2017 wasn’t exactly that productive for me.” Since I haven’t written a book in over a year. Then I thought about it a bit more and realised what goals I had hit over the past year:

Went travelling through Eastern Europe for 4 months in total, meeting some amazing people

Published two books AT THE SAME TIME (Link below) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lewis-J.F.-Clarke/e/B00MCKBZFK/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1515316863&sr=8-1

Got four of my books onto paperback available to order

Joined Steemit, and not only learned about cryptocurrency but I’ve also made quite a bit of money and new friends on there

Got my Facebook and Twitter ads going for my books, which in turn led to new sales and reviews

Was able to call Thailand my home for 2017 and hopefully 2018

And finally 2017 WAS a new me! I have been suffering form anxiety for the past 3 years, and have been finally able to control it (somewhat) and feel like the old me again!


One of many fantastic pictures I took in Europe. This one was in Athens, Greece

So I guess my point is if you feel bad that you haven’t accomplished anything in 2017, take a step back and look at all the singular achievements you have made. You may surprise yourself as to how much you have achieved over the last year. Try not to compare yourself to other people’s successes because if you look long enough you will eventually find a fault in your achievements. Stay strong, stay focused and keep on driving forward. See you at the top of the mountain!