Kuala Lumpur: Final Battle…Fight!

First of all, choose your nostalgic fight music before you keep reading:





By this point I had decided to go back to Thailand sooner than expected. I was enjoying my time in Malaysia, but it was time to go and not overstay my welcome. I’d noticed that I was doing nothing all day and that was a sign to go back. So I decided to not go to all the other places I had planned; but once my money had run out (as in not going to the cash machine again) I would be back in the land of Thai’s…

So the main order of the week was to overdose on schwarma’s and Indian food, and boy did I do just that! There was one day where I thought it would be a cracking idea to walk in the heat from the hostel to Bukit Bintang. Yeah… slowly penetrate that for a laugh!!! I did it though, and it was a terrible idea. Word of advice, take the 40p subway train instead…

I met Miss Slovenia again though! Miss Slovenia is a tall, beautiful blonde girl who was in KL a month ago (way too young for me though…) who could easily pass for a model. We caught up, demolished some Indian food and did a Rick and Morty marathon. Why? because we are cool. If you want to be cool watch this video:



So not too much to report in KL to be honest. I did go back to Penang for a couple of days to break up the trip back to Phang-Nga (Where the mother of mine lives…) I was also hoping to see the hostel owner in Penang while I was there, but only briefly saw her as I was about to leave. So hello and goodbye I guess…

I met an Indonesian girl in Kuala Lumpur, and she was unlucky enough to miss her flight while I was there. So while waiting for her next flight she came to Penang with me and I enjoyed showing her around all the cheap, local restaurants I had found whilst there. Including an intimidating looking Indian restaurant with outstanding food (Restaran Sulltania in case you were wondering). She said she wasn’t a fan of Indian food, but she enjoyed it so I was happy…



random pic of a cool car outside of KL Sentral just to break up the post…


And that was it! I jumped on the minibus at 8:30 in the morning (I hate mornings, I’m such a kid…) to go back to Thailand and prepare to see the Motherness, who had promised a top of the range spag bol to be ready when I got back. Italian food is always a winner. If anyone wants to bribe me in any way, Italian food or chocolate is the way to my heart. I’m not directly saying that is what you should do; I’m just leaving that out there…

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