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Wouldn’t it be great to go travelling around the world…?

Everyone has a friend who has incredible stories when they have been travelling living a carefree life. Every time they post a picture you always feel quietly envious, but what if the dream trip doesn’t go as planned for these people?

Jay decided to pack up his life in Suffolk to go on a trip of a lifetime travelling from The Philippines to England without using a plane. He then found a beautiful island by the name of Paesa, an island where he suffered horrendous misfortune that would change his life forever.

When anything bad happens in life, you have to adapt. But how much can you adapt when it is something extreme that happens in a foreign country?


This book was a huge milestone in my writing career, as this was not only the first book I wrote since having a few personal problems that made me question whether I should stop writing, but I ended up writing this book whilst travelling through Europe and staying in hostels, This was a monumental achievement for me because this meant that I could literally write anywhere, which was a massive confidence boost.

Now I knew that I didn’t need a ritual or have to be in a specific mindset and in a specific place to write a book; all I needed was a laptop, inspiration of some kind, and a little bit of self belief.



Because of the circumstances I was worried how the final product would turn out. However feedback for this book has been extremely positive. If you want to buy this book either click on this text or on the picture above