I used to be a barman

picture of me bar 1picture of me bar 2


Then i got bored and decided to go travelling

Picture of me 1


I learned how to do a bit of fire juggling along the way

picture of me travelling 11picture of me travelling 10picture of me travelling 3


I met some amazing people as well


picture of me travelling 9picture of me travelling 12picture of me travelling 14picture of me travelling 1picture of me travelling 13picture of me travelling 6picture of me travelling 2picture of me travelling 8picture of me travelling 5picture of me travelling 15picture of me travelling 16


I am a slightly receding Englishman who is currently teaching English in Chiang Mai, Thailand. My goal is to travel around the world without using a plane. At the moment I am working as hard as I can and trying to save as much as I can before I go on this trip. In my spare time I tend to not do very much but make out that my life is really interesting and post things on facebook to make my life seem better than it actually is. In all seriousness though I ย enjoy doing football tricks (which I’ve got really bad at recently because i have become really lazy in the last couple of years.) and writing. If you do not like this blog please feel free to post random abuse in the comment box (wherever it is). If you do like it, thank you! Please continue to massage my ego……


7 thoughts on “About

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  2. Hi there, just wanted to say I saw your little back and forth (that’s a nice way of saying it) with blogger John Guillen regarding a creative writing degree. I highly agree with you and I’ve found it’s pointless in arguing with him. He has a self inflated view of himself and seriously thinks he is the only right one. If you plan to get in an argument with him, pretty much plan to have what happened to you. Your points were spot on and it was nice to see someone sticking up for themselves. I usually chicken out and give up. Then vent on my own blog. Keep up the writing and hang in there. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you. To be honest i felt awful afterwards and immediately assumed that i was in the wrong considering the way he reacted. I guess i try to see the good in everyone. Then again you are always going to find those sort of people no matter where you are. Thanks again for your kind words. I appreciate it.

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