Book Number 2

This was the book i wrote while i was waiting for my friend to critique the first one. I feel that even though the first draft is complete, this one is still a long way away from the publishing stage. I will come back to it eventually, but at the moment i’m not ready yet.


Imagine a world with no war. Imagine a world with one ruler, one leader who would govern and look after the whole world.

Clearly the system we have in place now isn’t working. There are wars everywhere and countries invading other countries for oil, money and ultimately power. But what if that were to stop? What if we were one?

Of course every country wants to be this ‘ultimate ruler’, so the only way we can settle this is ironically to have one more war. The war to end all wars. The rules are simple; eliminate all your opponents and you will be King, King of the world. There is no higher accolade than that.

There can only be one winner. Every country is involved in a winner takes all situation. We are looking for the first world leader. It is time to step up and prove you are deserving to be the man or woman to lead us, not just a country, but the whole world, as one….

Follow the elimination battle of strategy, honour and betrayal to see which of the leaders of the 17 countries that take part cement their place in history forever.

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