Just Finished The First Draft Of My Ninth Book!!!!!

2019 hasn’t exactly been the best year for me for reasons I’d rather not go into publicly, but rather than make excuses I decided to work on an extremely complex book. One that I’ve been planning for four years but never thought I was realistically going to write due to how complicated it was.

I’ve kept it quiet from most people because this book needed my full attention, and during most of the writing process I was struggling to keep motivated because not only was it a different style of book, but because it was so mentally taxing.

Tonight however I sensed the end of the book, and started talking to my computer like a madman pumping myself up to get it done. I could see the end in sight and knew that if I was focused enough I could get this done by tonight.

…And I was right! It’s 3:53 in the morning and the first draft of my ninth book ‘The Chatroom’ is done. Seriously, what the fuck is going on? How the fuck did a kid from Kings Langley School write nine fucking books? It just goes to show that if I can do this, then ANYONE can. So whatever it is you want to do in life, don’t say you are going to do it, just go out and fucking smash it. Like I said, if I can write nine books then anything is possible if you want it enough…



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