Chiangmai to Bhutan


left Chiangmai after 2 days walking the old town, monasteries and surrounding areas, and now en-route to Bhutan 🙂

yesterday certainly eventful starting out with renting a couple of scooters and assisting Nicoleta and Brishka getting to grips with the finer art of riding something which do not require you to pedal… Spiri and me had our hands full teaching throttle and brake control but fortunately both got the skill mastered fast and luckily no major incidents to report on (other than the odd occasion having to ‘heard cats’ back from the right hand side of the road to the left)

we did some exploring outside Chiangmai town and went to a waterpark aptly called ‘Grand Canyon’ with zip lines and high water jumps, with a depth around 90 meters for which we were forced to wear life jackets (the Swiss guy being super compliant, the Saffa and two Romanians…

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A Caring Thai Community

I was playing my PS3 (Not PS4, I’m not at the top of the food chain yet…) in my apartment when I heard a massive thud, and a yelp of pain that suggested someone could have seriously hurt themselves. So being the nice guy that I am I stopped what I was doing and ran outside to see what had happened.

Turns out the lady in room 51 had slipped on the wet tiles outside and banged her head. She was shaken but OK. It also turns out that I wasn’t the only person to check on her, as by the time I got there everyone on that floor had rushed outside to make sure she was OK. You can’t fault that for kindness and compassion!