Suzy’s Had (more) Puppies!


I’m feeling a bit of deja vu…

Me too! Suzy was getting fatter and we assumed she was either pregnant or letting herself go. One day she retired to her boudoir and the next day there were another 7 puppies laying next to her, so it turns out she wasn’t ‘just fat’.



Yep! Well, now there’s 6. One didn’t make it. She died after a couple of days. She was a lot smaller than the rest so it wasn’t a total surprise. So now we are left with six; five boys and a girl.


And what are they called?

I wanted to name them after UFC fighters. I was going to call the second girl Kim (after Kimbo Slice) but now we are left with Brock (Lesnar), Randy (Couture), Ortiz (Tito), Silva (Anderson), Gary (Goodridge) and Ronda (Rousey) for the girl. Gary Goodridge is probably the least familiar name here, he is most famous for his crucifix knockout, which can be seen here


Yeah, he’s insane!

So…. Books and stuff, you still going?

I sure am! I’m 55 thousand words in and have a hell of a long way to go in terms of storyline and words in general. The main character has just finished touring Europe and is due to arrive home to the news that she is about to get a lot more work, since everyone wants to work with her.

Great, what does she do?

porn, no biggie…


Yup, she’s a pornstar. That’s what the whole book is about. She’s about to get famous to the extent that people know what her name is, directors and actors alike want to work with her and the male population wants to watch her.

You know there has to be a reason for people to like her. You know you can’t just say “And now she’s famous” right?

Don’t worry, i’m on it! I’m not going to tell you how I’ve gotten around that though, you’ll have to read it when it’s available. Anyway, I’m starting to explore things like contraception, STD’s and pregnancy issues that may occur in this sort of profession. I want to explore a lot more subjects than that, but i’ll talk more about that once they’re completed.

And how’s life treating you in general?

Well. Liverpool Lee has gone to The Philippines. He got a job offer over there as a hotel manager and took it, so we went out one last time before he left. I also went to a Japanese place called Hako Town (highly recommended, although it was a bit pricey) with two new friends of mine called Pat and Paul. Paul was on holiday here and has just gone back home and Pat lives here doing his best to be legendary. After that me and the ‘P’s’ went to a bar to talk about the finer things in life. The conversation varied between being very intellectual and one of us randomly shouting ‘TITTIES!’

Go on, give us a teaching story before you go!

Well at the moment i’m teaching a girl who is destined to be great, so it is a dream to bounce ideas off of her and talk about advanced complex things in English, so you would probably think that i have no teaching stories. Don’t worry though i am also teaching a terrible class too. So i got this yesterday from them…

Me: <noticing a cut on one of the girl’s lips> Are you OK?

Girl from terrible class: <Smiles>

Me: Your lip. Are you OK?

Girl from terrible class: <Points to her lip and smiles again>

Me: What happened?

Girl from terrible class: ….HERPES!!!! (she shouted this energetically, grinning wildly…)

Me: Lovely…



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