The Adventures of Flat Stanley!

“So this is a story all about how

My life got flipped turned upside down

And I’d like to take a minute just sit right back

I’ll tell you how Flat Stanley ended up in my backpack”

So my Auntie contacted me saying that my eight year old cousin needed some pictures of this ‘Flat Stanley’ fellow and what he did on his summer holidays. My cousin, if he is anything like I was when i was that age, gorged on chocolate and slept with his legs in the air for five and a half weeks before telling his mum, ‘Oh yeah, I need some Flat Stanley photos, make it happen…’

“Thanks mum!” I’m imagining him shout in the direction of his distraught mum as he skips towards the sofa to watch some more Cartoon Network…

Which led to my Auntie frantically messaging me saying she needs a picture of Flat Stanley ‘doing something Thai’ that she can take in for my cousin.

“I’ll do you one better;” I said in my best superhero impression, “I’ll take him with me around the world and he can see Asia and Europe, before settling in Devon.”

She then told me not to worry, as she only needed some photos for the summer holidays, but by now I was more excited by the idea than my cousin’s teacher was, and insisted that Flat Stanley was coming with me, pretending that I had been roped into it…

Unfortunately I managed to lose Flat Stanley in less than a day (more proof that I should never be left alone with kids…) so this is Flat Stanley Version 2.0. We’ll see how long this one lasts…

So to begin the trip, I felt Flat Stanley needed to pay his way. Being from the Stanley clan I knew that his negotiation skills were quite good, but his English was very minimal (mainly because he is a paper cutout…) So I booked him in for some Thai and Chinese lessons so he can barter his way through Asia and get us some cheap accommodation. Here’s some photos of him in his first lesson with Miss Neung learning basic Thai:


He’ll need another couple of weeks before he’s ready to take on Rocky, and when he is we’ll be ready to not just take on Rocky, but the entire world! Next stop; Bangkok


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