TWO New Reviews For My Book Madison!!!

I’ve just published a new book, however I’m still getting reviews for my previous book, my seventh book called ‘Madison’.



“I enjoyed reading the story. It starts off with a lot of sense of humor and witty jokes. I definitely got good laughs throughout the story, especially at the beginning. As the story unfolds, more drama begins to arise. It’s interesting to see how the author mixes his sense of humor but also adds some drama to the story. The mixture of feelings makes the story and characters much more vivid. I could envision everything unfolding as if it were a movie playing. I felt as if I understood the family, what they were going through, and each individual‘s personal story. It is especially interesting to see the unfolding of Maddie as she goes through different stages of life and how her stepdad responds to each situation while still dealing his internal drama and insecurities; his fear of not being a dad but finally realizing his true potential. I highly recommend this book for the author’s wit, humor, and drama.” Francisco


Thank you for leaving such a kind review Francisco, I appreciate it!




The second one didn’t leave a review, but they did leave a 5 star rating. So thanks randomino!!! Glad you enjoyed the book!

Also ‘The Chatroom’ is getting good feedback so far. Thank you to those who have already bought it, for those who are curious, you can click on the three images to view Madison, My Amazon homepage or The Chatroom respectively:





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