Book Number 6: The Pornstar

I finished the first draft of this book in June 2015. Shortly after I decided to have a break for a couple of months before starting my round the world trip which was when I planned to start my seventh book, ‘Madison’. Unfortunately I had some bad luck after I began my trip and after roughly three weeks I decided to stop writing ‘Madison’. Click here if you ant to find out more details.

Unlike my other books where I have published a blurb and the first few paragraphs, I have decided to leave this page blank. This is because in the future I intend to contact real publishers (and not self publish) once this book is 100% finished, as I genuinely feel that this book can sell millions if marketed properly, and I don’t know the first thing about serious marketing. Sorry I don’t have any more snippets of the book for you to read, To make up for it how about you click on this random link and see where it goes?


One thought on “Book Number 6: The Pornstar

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