Sometimes I’m My Own Worst Enemy…

Two days ago I was looking at a second hand Facebook page and saw that there was a PS4 for sale. I’ve just recently moved back to Chiang Mai and – to be quite frank – am fucking bored at the moment. This guy had advertised a PS4, 2 controllers and 2 games for 9000 Baht (Roughly £180-£190) which isn’t cheap, but prices for anything real are massively inflated in Thailand so in comparison it wasn’t a bad price.

He’d obviously had the advert up for a while and had bumped it a few times. That particular day’s bump simply said ‘make me an offer’. So I did, even though I wasn’t in the country at the time.

I messaged him and said that I was currently in Laos sorting out a work visa and said that I wasn’t sure when I was going to be back, but if he still had it by the end of the week (when I knew for a fact I would be back) that I would be more than happy to give him 8000 Baht for it. He messaged me back saying that he would accept 8000, and would hold the PS4 for me.

I didn’t want to be a dick, so I said to him since I’m not in the country he didn’t have to hold it for me, and if he got 9000 for it from someone else I wouldn’t take any offence at all. He thanked me and sure enough I got a message later on that evening saying that he’d sold it. I was slightly disappointed but at the same time I said to him that I was happy that he got 9000 for it (I assume he got 9000 for it anyway…) and accepted that I wasn’t supposed to have a PS4 at that time and carried on doing my thing.

I got back to Chiang Mai yesterday, and when I checked on the second hand sites today I saw the exact PS4 for sale on the same site – just by a different guy – for 10,000 Baht. Hell, the guy hadn’t even changed the photos from the bloke he bought it from. I can’t really blame the guy, it’s not easy to make money in Thailand and since non Thai citizens have to pay a sizeable amount of their wages towards visa fees and expensive trips to leave the country, there’s normally not that much money left for their day to day lives so they have to do what they can to survive. But I can’t help but think if I’d simply said to the first guy “Thank you!” Instead of trying to look out for him and see if he could get a better price before I got back into the country, that I would be destroying that PS4 with a huge smile on my face right now. Instead I’m in my room bored out of my skull, wondering whether I should stop being nice all the time, as it seems to be biting me in the butt…


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