Reviews For My Books So Far…



The Price of Fame© A psychological drama following a child actor in their adult life trying to cope with the knock on effects of constantly being in the public eye.

(4 reviews)

“I love this Author’s original style. I was gripped by the emotional ups and downs of his character’s life, in a story which delves into the mind of a troubled soul, one you want to reach out to and help as a friend.”

“A brilliant story. Well written. You feel a lot of empathy for the central character. It opens your eyes and really makes you think! Very sad at times but a good ending!!!”

“A really good read, for a first time author. I enjoyed the interesting storyline that had a few twists. Looking forward to reading more from this author.”

“Really enjoyed reading this book, I am not a big reader but it kept me hooked from start to finish , now looking forward to reading more from this author.”

The Butterfly Killings© A horror, written in a ‘dear diary’ format. This follows a murderer when they are released from prison after killing someone when they were a child, documenting their struggle to deal with their new identity.

(7 reviews)

“The author has been very clever when writing this, as it has some huge plot twists. I really enjoyed reading it and found that I couldn’t put it down, very addictive. I can’t wait to read more books by this author.”

“I love this book I have bought more of books of the author and looking forward to reading them already !! This book needs to be read”

“I did enjoy The Butterfly Killings. It’s a dark tale of a disturbed mind which, left unhealed, takes you on a journey to redemption.”

“This writer shows lots of promise..had me fooled for a while!”

“This book takes a different perspective on child killers and their ingratiation back into society. An interesting read and cleverly written book.”

“This book is a great read, especially if your are looking for a story that you are able to finish easily in a single day. Clarke takes you on journey as you see how someone is coping with a new identity after committing a crime. While the beginning of the story starts off a bit slow once you get past the first few pages it picks up and you are taken in the mind of Chris while experiencing a few twists and turns along the way. One wish I had for the book is the character development and story between Chris and Keira. I felt that it was a bit rushed and this relationship is important for Chris’s character. Overall, I thought the book was a great read, easy to get through and you could easily finish it within a day!”

“An entertaining and quick read. The plot twists keep you on your toes throughout the story, which focuses on the development of the main character.”

Destiny© A comedy. A young man’s dream of becoming a comedian is buried deep down so no one is aware of it. That is until he meets a girl who has ambitions to succeed in another field. When he opens up to her and tells her about his secret dream job they make a pact to help each other mentally and drive each other to success

(1 review)

“I really enjoyed this book and didn’t want it to end. I think it brings a valid message and without giving too much away, proves that alcohol is an unnecessary prop when you have faith in your Destiny.”


Talk To Me© A romantic comedy that features a man in his mid twenties called Ross. Ross is painfully shy around women and is getting fed up of watching everyone else settle down and because of his own insecurities he can’t seem to even get a conversation going with a girl. So one day he makes a bet with himself; he HAS to talk to a girl for at least five minutes every day for an entire month

(2 reviews)

“I was gripped from the beginning and enjoyed following his character’s journey of self help and realisation.
I started reading this on a ferry journey and it almost felt like I had found a lost diary on an empty seat as it was so naturally written.”

“I gave this book a try after a recommendation from a friend and it did not disappoint. At first I just wanted to read a few pages just to get an idea of what the book was about and before I knew it I was a quarter of the way through it. Ross seemed to have his issues but I found myself rooting for him, and getting annoyed at characters that were messing him about! Nice and easy read and I can’t wait to read this author’s other work.”

Click on the descriptions to view them in the original page. Some reviews are on the page which is why they haven’t shown up. There is a review on the page but unless you are fluent in Japanese I felt it was pretty pointless to put it up…

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