Balkan Hostel Reviews: Part 2

Here’s some more reviews that you didn’t ask for. C’mon then let’s get this over with…


Skopje, Macedonia – Hostel Valentin

Price: 400 Macedonian Dinar or €6.50

How To Get There: Deceptively difficult considering it’s right by the bus station; The bus station is on a crossroads. Do not cross any roads and turn left under the tunnel. Walk past Hamza Doner and turn left at the next road. Walk down that road for about 200 metres, past the petrol station and you will see the sign on the lamppost for Hostel Valentin

About The Hostel: It’s an apartment, a big ass apartment which two 8 bed dorm rooms. There’s a nice kitchen that Valentin built himself and it’s situated a stones throw away from the main city centre. There’s ample hot water here as well. This is not the place to go if you are looking to party though; it’s a place to chill out, which was perfect for me at that time

Selling point: The owners, without a shadow of a doubt. Nikoleta is very informative about Skopje and has a bubbly personality. She’ll sit you down with an oversized map and direct you to the best places to go and see in Skopje, including all the things to do for free. Valentin is a very friendly person as well (One day he was teaching me some jiu-jitsu, as you do..). To be honest I was done with Skopje after 3 days but stayed longer solely because of them

Overall Rating: 9/10


Skopje Macedonia – Ferijalen Dom Skopje

Price: 900 Macedonian Dinar or €15

How To Get There: Go the same way as you would to Hostel Valentin, but go straight instead of turning left at the junction past Hamza Doner. Then take the next left. Go down that road for about 300 metres and you’ll see the hostel sign on the right

About The Hostel: From the outside it looks like a place you’d take a prostitute to without your wife finding out. Inside is 40-50% better. I was directed to this place by a receptionist at The Holiday Inn and it was double the price of everywhere else. I took it because I’d been walking for over an hour and needed somewhere to sleep. Breakfast was included in the restaurant downstairs, but let’s just leave it at that…

Selling point: The guy at reception gave me a twin room instead of a dorm room as it was dead. So essentially it wasn’t that bad considering I got my own private room, but other than that I would say avoid

Overall rating: 3/10


Ohrid, Macedonia – Sunny Lake Hostel

Price: 488 Macedonian Dinar or €8

How To Get There: Go through the main town and keep going straight towards the lake and on your right you’ll see small signs that direct you to the hostel through the old town (very easy to spot as it’s where the cobbled streets start). Now this is where it gets tricky; keep going up the hill and the road forks after 150 metres, go right, then walk up for another 30 or 40 metres and there’s a right turning after that (this is a sign here, but just in case you miss it…) and as you go up that hill the hostel is right in front of you

About The Hostel: A very chilled out hostel with a really cool manager. Gyoko is always going out of his way for you. He even offered me free laundry while I was there and when I was in the hostel by myself one night he got all his mates over and organised a Fifa evening

Selling point: There’s a few; they have warm, comfy quilts that are a godsend (not every bed has these, but look for the ones that do instead of the itchy blankets), a PS4 with a few games to keep people entertained on cold nights, live music (I shit you not, Gyoko’s friends are in a band, so when they are not busy sometimes they play in the hostel during high season) and Gyoko is very knowledgeable about all the buses that go out of Ohrid and what time they leave, so whenever you leave he’ll tell the easiest and cheapest way to get there

Overall Rating: 10/10. I don’t like giving 10/10 for places, but this place ticked all the right boxes for me, not to mention the price. I suppose I could find faults if I wanted to (because of course no place is perfect), but I would just be being hyper picky…

(Note: I did end up volunteering here for a few weeks which made me want to put the rating down to a 9 in case you thought I was being biased, but I wrote this review before I started volunteering here so I’m going to stick by my rating…)



Belgrade, Serbia – El Diablo Hostel

Price: 1000 Serbian Dinar (Around €8)

How To Get There: Ha ha! Fucking Serbia… I hope you are ready for this because this isn’t gonna be fun for either of us… Right, from the bus station walk behind it towards the tram lines. Cross the tram lines towards the small park and go through the park. You will now be faced with a fucking painful hill. Yep, go up it and keep going straight until you see a fountain outside some cool looking building on your right. Lost yet? I fucking was…

You should have gone through another park and be on the road. Turn left onto the big ass road follow the road and turn left at the end of the road. You’ll see a statue on your left (pictured) turn right on the road just before the statue. Then it’s the fifth turning on the right (or when you see the small gym, whatever’s easiest) and the hostel is on your left. Phew! If you can’t follow those incredibly complex instructions I’d recommend getting a taxi, especially if it’s -10 outside like when I was there…

About The Hostel: It’s in an apartment block just like Hostel Valentin. It seemed pretty cosy as I walked in and it was. It’s also close to pretty much anything you need; supermarkets, ATM’s, cash exchanges (Note: it’s very hard to get rid of Macedonian Dinar in Serbia, there is an exchange office right near the hostel that does, but it will exchange the money for half of what it’s worth) and good restaurants (ask about Walter’s). It’s a 5 minute walk from the town centre and has a nice relaxed atmosphere if you want to have a lazy day.

Selling point: Where to start? The owners are amazing people who are not only super friendly, but tell you what places to visit and aren’t afraid to tell you that you would be wasting your time if you want to go to certain places that aren’t as good as others. Their recommendations for food and sight seeing are worth listening to! You also get a free breakfast in the restaurant down the road. On top of that, hot water in the showers until your heart is content! They will also book buses etc… for you without taking any commission, Dragan (the owner) arranged a minibus for me to go to Romania and I paid the minibus directly, and for less than what was advertised!

Overall Rating: 10/10 two 10 out of tens in a row? What’s wrong with me?


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