Christmas in Macedonia


“Merry facking Christmas mate!” Was the voice that woke me up. It wasn’t the traditional Merry Christmas greeting, but it was still heartfelt from our mate Aaron.

Last Christmas I was back home celebrating with my sister’s family, and for the last five years before that my Christmas dinner was a McDonald’s meal whilst living in Thailand. On this trip I didn’t know where I was going to be, and Lake Ohrid in Macedonia turned out to be the destination for me.

We had breakfast and Aaron was already on the beers, so much so that he was fucked before midday. I was calmly eating my Nesquik cereal as he filmed a video on his camera to say merry Christmas to all his followers. Yes, I’m in with that crowd now…

Gyoko, our hostel owner, asked us if we wanted to get some traditional Macedonian food for lunch. I mentioned that I’d tried chorba (like a shredded beef stew) and it was b to the rilliant, which led him to counter punch that Ohrid was well known for having high quality fish chorba as they had decent trout from the lake. In the end 4 of us accepted his quest for chorba; Me, Aaron, Aussie A and Aussie B (I don’t know their names, so instead of calling them cuntchops and arsespray, I thought I’d get into the Christmas spirit and call them Aussie A and Aussie B instead…) and Gyoko went to a restaurant on the lake. Here’s some pictures so I can show off:

The food lived up to its reputation, but the view was what made it. Christmas dinner wasn’t what I was expecting but it still hit the spot. Aaron was filming videos and saying ‘Merry Christmas!’ to random Macedonian girls we met by the lakeside.

We spent the rest of the evening playing PS4 as it is a few degrees below freezing at night over here at the moment.

So yeah, it wasn’t that interesting. We had a cool local lunch with a nice view but other than that it just pretty much involved me messing around on Facebook. I’d love to lie to you and say it was incredible; that we had fire jugglers come in the hostel do back flips and stuff, but no, my Christmas was pretty much the same as yours. Get drunk, eat food, feel lonely, sit on my phone scrolling at nothing for a few hours, send a message to someone, regret said message, drink more to forget about the message, and repeat. Looks like my next Christmas will be in Thailand (barring any unforeseen circumstances) so this may be my last Christmas in Europe for a while.



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