Fifa Night In Macedonia


Ohrid was a wise choice in the end…I’m acting as if I planned this shit! Basically I was in Skopje (The capital of Macedonia) and the hostel owner told me that Ohrid was a nice place to see so off I went to see was all about…

The hostel owner was called Gyoko and he was pretty cool and in the hostel was a PS4 with GTA5 and Fifa 17, so naturally I caned the bejeebus out of it as I was in the hostel by myself, so whilst destroying a season on Fifa with Watford Gyoko said to me that he’d invite some of his mates over and we’d have a Fifa tournament.

I haven’t played since Fifa 15 (that’s a lie, I played Fifa 16 a couple of times at my brother in law’s house…) So naturally I was a bit rusty and I soon found out it was much harder to score on Fifa 17, but I was still up for a gaming night which was a nice change of pace from constantly doing travelling things…

Yeah…I got my arse handed to me! These Macedonians were on a different level to me and simply destroyed me. Most of the games were relatively tight but I just couldn’t score (Story of my life…) And ended up losing 1-0 or 2-0.

Then I played the grand champion. My confidence was knocked by this point so I don’t think anyone was betting on me to win. The first half was very even and I was only 1-0 down, but he figured me out in the second half and I ended up losing 6-0. I think there were new defending and attacking buttons that I’m not aware off as well because in the second half he had about 75-80% possession and whenever I tried to launch an attack the threat was neutralised instantly.

So it was a masterclass! Just not by me… It was still a fun evening though and now there are more people in the hostel so it’s a bit livelier. Will Be posting an Ohrid blog in a few days were I have been with Aaron and...Jaime the girl I met in Meteora! Tonight’s gonna be fun! I hope…


Our view from the hostel balcony where we have breakfast every day


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