14 Possible Surprise Entrants For The Royal Rumble

  1. Kurt Angle
    Kurt is arguably the best wrestler to wrestle for the WWE in the modern era. He’s a draw, and WWE knows this, it’s just a case of whether he can get cleared to wrestle or not. The rumours of a Kurt Angle return have been there for a while now but nothing has materialised yet. What better way to get the Royal Rumble pumping than have Kurt enter at number 2 or 3?
  2. John Morrison
    I would love to see John Morrison back in a WWE ring. The chances of this happening however are slim as he is not only wrestling in AAA but has recently acquired the Latin American Championship, but we can all dream of him hitting starship pain one more time in the rumble.
  3. Finn Balor
    Finn was very unlucky to get injured just as WWE publicly backed him as their first universal champion. As a Kevin Owens fan I’m happy for the knock on effect but Finn still deserves his props. It is rumoured that Balor is getting better now and WWE could be keeping him under wraps for a huge pop at the rumble, either winning to face Owens at Wrestlemania or being robbed of a victory by Owens (if he’s no longer the champion by then) or a technical wrestler like Rollins, leading to an excellent Wrestlemania match.
  4. Ricochet
    Wrestling fans would love to see Ricochet finally land in the WWE, and if he was doing flips for fun in the rumble the casual fans would soon be aware of what he is all about. I feel this rumble could be a platform to promote the cruiserweights a bit more, and if you have people like Ricochet, Neville, TJ Perkins and Gran Metalik (with one of his over the top rope entrance moves), people would definitely start to pay attention.
  5. Samoa Joe
    Joe has been in NXT for seemingly forever. It’s like WWE doesn’t know when to pull the trigger on this guy. The rumble could be the perfect time to unleash him if he isn’t in the main roster already by that time.
  6. Shinsuke Nakamura
    Nakamura’s charisma gives me chills, this guy is destined to be one of the greats, he just has that energy about him. Watching Nakamura strut down the ramp after being announced as participant number 1 or 2 would make the crowd go nuts. If he came down half way through his entrance would be somewhat shortened unless all the wrestlers in the ring at the time have been wiped out which would put the focus on the next entrant.
  7. Hulk Hogan
    OK, somewhat controversial considering what happened in 2015, but stay with me on this… Triple H has suggested he would be willing to work with Hogan again in the future so the door hasn’t been completely closed on him despite his comments. Also Vince is also all about business. He has proved time and time again that he is willing to put his personal feelings to one side if it means it benefits the business, and there’s no denying the pop that Hogan receives whenever his music plays and he flexes his muscles. Hogan returning, knocking down a few people, hitting a leg drop and then being hit from behind and subsequently eliminated would be something that would make this rumble stand out in the future.
  8. John Cena
    Not really a huge surprise, but the man deserves his props and is way better than the indy smarks suggest he is. He is slowly getting the respect that he has merited and if he finishes his film by the rumble hearing his music will divide the arena, but as Triple H has said before everyone has an opinion of him and he sells out arenas. I’m not saying he should win the rumble, but having him come back at the rumble would make sense and be an extra surprise entrant to talk about.
  9. Shelton Benjamin
    Like most wrestling fans I went mental when I heard The Gold Standard was coming back to the WWE, only to have the return cruelly taken away by a long term injury. Not much has been said on the Shelton front which makes me wonder if they are deliberately keeping him under wraps until the rumble, so he can come out to a huge reaction. I hope so, this guy was consistently brilliant in his last run and the roof would come off if “Ain’t no stopping me” started playing halfway through the rumble
  10. Hideo Itami
    I admittedly don’t know much about this guy, but I do know he has a MASSIVE reputation. The innovator of ‘go to sleep’ and Daniel Bryan’s running knee just can’t catch a break in WWE, injury after injury seems to stop any kind of momentum he gets. Rumour has it though that his latest injury isn’t as bad as originally thought and being a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble isn’t as far-fetched as you may think…
  11. Rob Van Dam
    He’s getting on a bit now, but as far as I’m aware he’s not tied up to a company right now, and a short term deal could suit both parties. RVD is 45 now and is approaching the end of his career (unlike the seemingly ageless Jericho…) so seeing one more rolling thunder sooner rather than later would be good for both fans and the wrestler himself.
  12. Daniel Bryan
    Yeah I know, he’s retired, but WWE keep teasing him and The Miz and everyone is wondering why. This could be a huge swerve by the WWE to make people think he’s going to wrestle one more time to keep the crowd on their toes, but it could also lead to Daniel eliminating The Miz in the rumble, and that Wrestlemania match they seem to be teasing without actually saying anything…
  13. CM Punk
    Yep, this guy is also retired, and signed to a UFC contract, but come on; who wouldn’t want to see Punk come back one more time? The reaction Punk got when he entered the octagon speaks for itself, and I’ve already mentioned about how Vince puts business first. Is this really that implausible? There’s talk of Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey, why not CM Punk?
  14. Tyson Kidd
    The word ‘underrated’ gets thrown around a lot, but Tyson Kidd deserves this accolade. Then just as people will beginning to appreciate his talent and he was getting over with Cesaro, he nearly dies in a freak accident with Samoa Joe. Most likely he will be forced to retire and the wrestling world will be robbed of a phenomenal talent, but you never know, he could be making a comeback behind the scenes and an entry in the rumble would complete a remarkable recovery.

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