Plovdiv Part 2: The Emotional Moment I Finished Writing My Book…

OK, now the initial partying’s out the way it’s time for me to get back to work. There’s a book that isn’t going to write itself and if I want to make money I need to get my arse in gear and start writing…

I did what I normally do; listen to a bit of music then intensely focus on the screen and obsess over the book until I manage to write 1000 words down. Something that is easier said than done when you are in a hostel full of random people doing their thing.

Two of those people were Ingrid and Greg, two people travelling around Europe together and Ingrid was going to work at the hostel. They were cool and I enjoyed talking to them, but I didn’t get much work done. In 2 hours I wrote about 750 words, so I promised myself I would write some more that evening. I asked Ellie, the girl at the hostel if I could have a pen and paper and went to McDonalds to write some notes down.

I scoffed a double cheeseburger and jotted down enough notes for me to plan the book, Then I got home and wrote until midnight, writing 2000 words. I soon realised I was a lot closer to the end of the book than I thought I was, and committed myself to staying at this hostel until the book was in fact finished. I contacted a few friends of mine and told them I expected to finish the book by tomorrow to push myself to get it done and felt incredibly motivated.

I didn’t finish it the next day, but I did write 3500 words and had a ‘shortened ending’. It wasn’t the ending I was planning but it had wrapped up nicely by this point so I saved it as a different ending and saved myself for the next day. I was mega disappointed that by half 2 in the morning I hadn’t finished the book yet, but I knew there was always the next day…

I went out sightseeing in the morning and spent the entire afternoon writing. By 6:30 I was emotionally exhausted, but I realised I was literally sentences away from finishing the book. I pushed through and wrapped the book up. Then I reread what I’d just wrote and tweaked the sentences to make sure that the book was actually done and I didn’t have to go back to it for a while.

I stared at the laptop in disbelief. I was actually done.


The exact spot in Hiker’s Hostel, Plovdiv, Bulgaria where I finished my 8th book ‘Stranded’

“It’s over…” I muttered to myself, then I stood up and started pacing. Then I laughed hysterically, then I cried. It was such a monumental achievement mentally for me and to be honest something I thought I’d never be able to complete.

I kept repeating the words “It’s over” And alternated between laughing, sitting down feeling this overwhelming wave of emotions and fighting back tears. I then posted an emotional status on Facebook letting the world know that I had managed to finish my book before my birthday. I was, to be polite, going to get fucking shitfaced…

I went to an Italian restaurant staring at my pizza in disbelief. How I’d managed to complete a gripping book with all the roadblocks that were put in my way this year I’ll never know. But psychologically it meant not only can I write a book anywhere in the world, but I can write and make money no matter what life chooses to throw at me. It was a massive confidence boost.

I was still shaking by the time I’d got to the off licence and bought a big bottle of vodka and some Sprite. I got back to the hostel and declared I was getting drunk. Ellie and a German guy said they’d celebrate with me and we played a drinking game until all the bottle was gone, and then a bottle of wine after that.

By 1 o clock I was lying on the chairs unable to move, the German bloke had fallen asleep with his head on the table and Ellie…? That fucker was still stone cold sober! Turns out she can handle her drink a lot better than most and drank us both under the table. I was going to go down the town as well but I knew it wasn’t a wise idea since I was so drunk. I’d committed to partying for about a week, and thought I’d leave some more in the tank for the next day…

So that was the first day, but of course this was a time for celebration, and whoever was about to enter the hostel with us was about to realise that they were going to be drinking for the next 7 days straight and not be getting a lot of sleep. I just hoped that they were ready for it…


11 thoughts on “Plovdiv Part 2: The Emotional Moment I Finished Writing My Book…

    • No this one is my eighth. I’ve published four on Amazon already 🙂 My first one is the most popular at the moment but my second book The Butterfly Killings is really beginning to pick up momentum now

  1. Thank you for following me, being a nice polite Cat I have followed you back and now I can’t wait to read your next blog in my mail.

    I look forward to being transported around the world to better places than the ones I managed to visit when I wrote my Travelogue, but then I expect that you chose the destinations you visited. I merely accidentally turned up in some of the worst joints in the world.

    Of course that wasn’t planned, but then if I tell you anymore I will spoil the book for others and then they wouldn’t buy it and I would be desolate, have you ever seen a Cat cry? No of course you haven’t and you don’t want to I can tell you!


    The Cat

    • Dear cat,

      Thank you following me back. I’m sure you have lots of important things to do such as climbing up trees and getting stuck, so I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog.

      I also have a similar path to you in the sense that I have no plan. I tend to wander aimlessly until people find me, feed me and send me on my merry way. This journey is probably easier for you though as border officials tend to concentrate more on humans than they do cats…

      I have never seen a cat cry. I have however seen a black cat with a white moustache and a mane. I know it’s not the same but I needed to tell someone and assumed you would be the person who would most likely listen.

      I hope this blog continues to make you purr and rub your face up against inanimate objects.

      The Lewis

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