So I Managed To Finish My Eighth Book Before My 30th Birthday…

EIGHT fuken books…?

Oh yeah! Didn’t think I would be able to finish this one before my birthday but I managed to finish it with 2 days to spare. 73,921 words baby!

Hold on, I need to absorb this: I repeat, EIGHT fuken books…?

Yep, doesn’t seem real when I say it out loud but I managed to get this one finished in hostel in Bulgaria. Now I’m done I’m going to rest my brain for a bit before plotting my next move.

Wait…What? Bulgaria?!?

Oh yeah, I’m actually travelling around Europe right now. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to write a book whilst on the move because all of the others were written back in Thailand when I lived there. But this is a huge psychological victory because now I know I can literally write anywhere. Not only that, but the book is compelling as well and not just drivel.

Fair play son! What’s this one about?

It’s called Stranded. It’s about being stuck in a foreign country with no passport and credit cards and having to fend for yourself.

Personal experience I guess…?

Actually yes. I had everything stolen from me in Cambodia last year. It was the shittest day of my life but it helped me spawn this book, so every cloud has a silver lining and all that.

So when’s this bad boy going to be published then?

Not until 2018 at least. I have others that need publishing first. Also I need to reedit this book multiple times, add/delete scenes that don’t fit in, interrupt the flow of the story or quite frankly are shit. There’ll also be times I’ve contradicted myself where I have to tweak the book slightly. Then I have to send it to an editor, edit it one more time then it’s ready to go!

Oh, so it’s not really done; it’s just the first draft…

Well, yes and no. It IS a first draft, but the spine of the story is done. There’s not much else that needs to be changed in terms of the story line. I’ve finished four books so far and have published them on Amazon.

Can I have a gander?

Well I don’t want to spam this page with links to my book. I’ll tell you what I’ll do though; I’ll post one of the book covers and you can click on that to see the Amazon page, otherwise this blog is going to be overrun with links…



Click here to view this book on Amazon. You can also use this page to browse all my other books

What’s he holding?

Oh, that’s my illustrator being really smart. He’s actually holding a copy of another book of mine ‘The Butterfly Killings’

Cool! So what’s next for Lewis J F Clarke?

In terms of life, I’m looking for work around Europe or Asia wondering where I can call home for 2017. In terms of writing I will write another book eventually, but first I need to edit my sixth book and get that ready to be published.

Oh OK, what’s that called?

The Pornstar.


Yep, it was an industry that has always intrigued me and something I’ve wanted to explore for a while now. That one is over 110,000 words and the people who critiqued it have told me it doesn’t drag so I’m happy. Same as the book Stranded though there’s parts I have to edit. When I go through it and obsess over the book again I’ll be able to start making it flow properly, then it’ll be time to make that available to the world.

So I’m guessing that’s just like Fifty Shades of Grey?

Not at all! There’s obviously sex involved because of the nature of the book and its genre, but the only similarity to that book is that they both have detailed graphic sex scenes in them. I say graphic but it is not smutty by any means. I hope I have portrayed it elegantly because that was the plan.

Cool! Let me know when it’s out!

I will! All the others are available as well and are only £2-£3 ($3-$5) so they’re not expensive by any means. But of course once the next one is out I’ll post it on here so you are aware.

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