Mersea Island – Somewhere near Colchester…

Some guests at the hotel I’m working at were from a place called Mersea Island. They said it was a great place to visit while I’m still in the area.

Challenge accepted…

I’m leaving in a couple of weeks to travel around England and then to make my way through Europe in search of work, fun, memories and the occasional drunken mishap that I hope no one ever finds out about… So since I’m leaving very soon, now is a better time than ever to start exploring, especially since one of my bosses helped me bag a weeks worth of holiday pay at my other job, so this week I’m exploring the cities around me, starting with Mersea Island.

I had to get the train from Needham Market to Ipswich and then onto Colchester. There is nowhere to buy tickets in Needham Market so you have to buy them on the train. Only for there to be no conductor selling tickets. Cue my anxiety going into overload when I got into Ipswich (damn this anxiety, I hope it pisses off soon!) Then I thought not to worry, as I can buy a ticket on the train to Colchester.

Yeah… Turns out there wasn’t a conductor on that train either, which let me to nervously say to the staff at the ticket turnstyle that I didn’t have a ticket. I stupidly said that I came from Ipswich (I put it down to being half asleep) to which they asked why I hadn’t bought a ticket at the station. When I told them I originally came from Needham they warned me to say Needham in the future or I could be fined.

Crisis averted! I made my way to the town and got the number 67 bus to West Mersea. I walked for a bit until I saw a cafe called Art Cafe. I laughed because there was a bloke in Thailand who would always fucking talk about the art cafe in Chiang Mai and I went in solely because of that.

I ordered my food and asked where the toilet was. I had to go through a corridor to get there. As I came out I heard someone shout out in frustration “Oh for fucks sake!” I looked around the door and saw the chef looking angrily into the fridge. Of course, the natural reaction was for me to say “For fucks sake is right, what have they done now?” As I walked around the door. He obviously didn’t know I was there and looked embarrassed before moaning about how someone hadn’t stocked up the fridge properly…

Hilariously he came to my table five minutes later and said “I’m really sorry but we’ve run out of dip for your chilli doritos (that came with the sandwich), so that was what the fucks sake was about. Don’t worry, I’ll give you extra chips and extra coleslaw instead…”

The food was really good! I liked the chef even more because he came across as a normal person, and the food that mattered (the food he made, not just ordered in…) was superb. Then I made my way to the beach and had a nice relaxing walk along the beach. The last time I did that was in Puerto Galera in The Philippines last year, so it was nice to be alone with my thoughts…

On the way back down the beach I saw a girl about my age walking four dogs, throwing a tennis ball in the sea for them to swim and catch it. I made a passing friendly hello to her and she responded by chatting away to me like an old friend.


I must have been giving off some sexual predator vibes or something because she seemed to drop in the conversation very quickly completely unprovoked that she had a boyfriend. I ignored this and steered the conversation towards why I was there and what was worth seeing on the island. She made a few obscure references to places on the island that made me smile and nod my head politely, but the general gist was to follow the coastline and see the beauty this town had to offer. Then one of the dogs decided to run up to me soaking wet and then shake himself dry all over me. Thanks dog…

So we parted ways without me committing any kind of sexual assault (I swear!) And I made my way down the coast. I stopped in a local fish shop and thought I’d try some jellied eels. I learnt something about myself that day; I found out I don’t like jellied eels…


The post box that was in the news last week after it had been painted gold because of Saskia Clark’s gold medal in Rio. Yon can see it’s been sloppily painted back so it still has gold paint splattered on it…

Then I went on a walk around the public footpath through a few fields, eating a few berries that probably weren’t poisonous and doing a loop back to where I started, then I grabbed the bus back to Colchester and walked around there for a bit to see what it was like. Then on the way back to the station I saw the girl who gave me directions to the town centre was just shutting up her shop. I thanked her and said I found Mersea Island and that it was definitely worth visiting from its tranquility alone. She sounded like she didn’t give a shit…

I was soon back in Needham Market. Straight to work in fact because the guy who was working was sick and there was no one else to cover him. I finished work at around 11:15 and when I got home I was too tired to write some more of my book which annoyed me because I don’t like coming up with excuses why I’m not progressing.

Oh yeah, you’re writing a book still aren’t you? How’s that going?

Not too bad actually, even though I didn’t add to my book on Monday, I’ve still been writing every other day. I’m at over 25,000 words now and it’s getting to the stage where it’s all connecting. So much so that I’m really excited to find out where this book is going to take me. That’s when you know the book is going to be good. I was worried at first because I wasn’t as excited about this book as I was with the others, but now I’m getting that same rush back and it puts a smile on my face to know that my eighth book will be just as good, if not better than my first. And as I read that back it feels really cool!

So yeah! Summary: Mersea Island is worth seeing and the book is coming along nicely. If I was a millionaire I’d buy a small home in Mersea, but I’m not, so travelling it is, which to be fair isn’t a bad second prize…



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