Why I’m happy I’ve got my first rejection…

Last month I entered a writing competition with a £50,000 publishing deal for the winner. It was the first kind of competition I have ever entered and felt excited about getting someone who knew the publishing industry to read it.

I submitted one of my stronger books. It was 110,000 words in length and had in my opinion a gripping storyline. The title alone would entice people to want to read it and I felt I had a strong chance of winning the £50,000 deal.

I say strong, there were a few reasons why they may not have wanted to touch my book; the main reason being the book I submitted was my sixth book ‘The Pornstar’, which obviously explores the porn industry and has a lot of graphic sexual scenes as you would have to with a book about that particular subject. The book was definitely not smutty though, although it had a strong element of sex involved the storyline wasn’t just about that. I wanted to show that porn actors and actresses are normal people just like you and me and live relatively normal lives, but just happen to be in a profession that involves something that is considered taboo by many people but is ironically the most natural thing in the world…

The competition rules stated that authors would be contacted when their books were shortlisted for a chance of winning the competition, and we were told that if we weren’t contacted by the end of June that we should assume that we weren’t successful this time, and we were free to submit the book to another publisher.

June has come and gone, and since no one has emailed me back it’s safe to say they didn’t want my book to be showcased to the world this time, My first setback, and it’s fucking quality…

It’s cool because I’m stepping in the right direction; I’m letting the world know I exist and more and more people in the know are becoming aware of me. Only they know why they didn’t select my book for the shortlist; it could have been the subject matter, it could have been that they didn’t like my writing style, it could have been a number of things. Ultimately though it doesn’t matter; because nobody gets everything they want the first time around. After multiple setbacks comes pure determination and finally the slither of opportunity to succeed. And that slither is all I need…

I’m sure J.K Rowling, George R.R. Martin and many other iconic authors have rejection letters hanging in their houses somewhere reminding them that they never gave up on their dream. And this is my dream, for once I’ve finally found something I actually have a natural talent for and I’m not going to let one person’s opinion knock my confidence and stop me from doing what I do best. I’m not even going to stop if a hundred people coldly reject me either. For the first time in a very long while I believe in myself and I will keep persisting until I get somewhere in this profession. Of course, I will take any advice on board, but when someone suggests I will never be good enough I will use their words as inspiration and channel that energy and determination to prove them wrong.

So yeah, I failed this time. But look how far I’ve come since I started writing less than two years ago. Long may this progress continue! I wish the other applicants the best of luck for this particular competition but my time hasn’t come yet. There is a publisher out there waiting to turn my book into gold. It’s not the publisher running this competition, but he or she is out there somewhere. One day we’ll find each other and I hope we make each other some serious money…

9 thoughts on “Why I’m happy I’ve got my first rejection…

  1. That is disheartening but I hope that you can take the most from the competition!
    As one door closes, another opens. There is always something that you can learn, that you can spin positively off the worst of your successes.
    I wish you good luck, from just another inspiring author.

    • Thank you Nam! I’ve always been the kind of person who says ‘when one door closes, five doors open’ so I’m very happy that the ball is rolling so to speak.

      I wish you all the best in your journey as well 🙂

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