Thai Reunion in Guildford


As an English teacher you normally put all of your energy into helping your students pass their exams, then worry about the exams more than they do as they are taking them. If you are lucky enough to get them to pass you normally never hear from them again apart from a thank you email. So they end up carrying on with their lives and all the students are to you is a fond distant memory…

Fortunately for me I’m back in England again, as are a couple of my former students, who poetically are dating each other now. One day I messaged the girl and said I wanted to come down by train and see them. So we arranged a date that would suit us all and I got my small but firm arse onto the train.

Somehow I managed to get the slow train from Waterloo to Guildford so I was 30 minutes late, but sure enough as I got there both of them were waiting for me at the train station.


I shook Prai’s (the bloke) hand and gave Amm (By process of elimination she must be the girl…) a hug. Then they said they had booked a table for us at a Thai restaurant called ‘Thaikhun’ and we skipped there like carefree schoolgirls…


We got to the restaurant and the waitress (a Thai girl) started freestyling at us in Thai. Then she looked at me nervously and said something in Thai quietly so I couldn’t hear what she said. But I smiled and simply replied “It’s OK, I can speak Thai too.” In Thai. We all had a nervous giggle and she felt more comfortable around me now she knew she could speak her native tongue and not feel like she was being rude because I couldn’t follow what was going on.


Let the annihilation commence…

It didn’t stop there though; Amm then insisted that I order everyone’s food in Thai. Something that was relatively easy for me six months ago but now I’m a bit rusty. Also I didn’t know what the other two wanted to order, so I kind of guessed what they wanted by what we had casually discussed was on the menu earlier. I think I won…


My outstanding camera skills…

The food was good. we then chilled for a bit, spoke a bit more Thai and threw in a bit of English every now and then. Amm and Prai insisted that they would pay for the food which was nice of them, but not only that, they got the waitress to put the leftovers in plastic containers for me to take home and scoff shamelessly the next day.

Prai then said he had to go home and study, so I said goodbye to him and me and Amm went to some posh tea room to talk about the finer things in life. I felt very middle class sipping my hot chocolate discussing visas and foreign education with Amm.


Soon it was time for me to go back home, so Amm took me to the train station and I said goodbye to her. I hope we catch up again before I do disappear out of the country again. It was really nice to see how they were getting on in my country after our classes had long since finished back in Thailand. They had experienced a huge culture shock and I was happy to discuss this with them amongst other things. They said they would like to come to Needham Market one day so it would be nice to have them here. I’ll probably get them to do something very English like an afternoon tea or something. Until next time my friends! C’e vediamo dopo. Wat… that’s Italian. I meant ‘Sa wat dee kap, choke dee na kap. Jur gan mai’ (I don’t have a Thai keyboard, nor can I write in Thai, so that’s the best I can do…)






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