The £50,000 Writing Competition Is Back On!!!!

A dilemma I had last night managed to solve itself the following morning. Recently I’ve been taking advice from my friends in what to do with my books in terms of marketing since that is the one thing I don’t enjoy, and one of the pieces of advice was to buy a certain book that helps me get more familiar with the marketing side of things, including how to contact agents/publishers and what my legal rights are.

So last night as I was writing my eighth book ‘Stranded’, I was debating on whether to focus my energy on continuing this book (as I feel I’m not getting into it and it doesn’t flow as well as the others, but anyone who knows me knows I say the same thing about all my books!) or to concentrate on editing and doing the second draft of my sixth book ‘The Pornstar’ and get it ready to send to agents and/or publishers. I know I can’t do both as the plots will intertwine. I could do it if I wasn’t working but now I’m back in England work unfortunately is a priority for the meantime.

So what the flip does this have to do with a £50,000 competition? Talk about false advertising!

Hold on, I’m getting there…

Well get there faster you boring fucker! I’ve got people to stalk on Facebook that I secretly hate…

Fair enough. This morning I received an email from Richard and Judy (obviously from their representatives, not them…) about the £50,000 competition I previously applied for but got told I was ineligible because I had already self-published a book and they said that due to an overwhelming number of enquiries relating to self-publishing, they have decided to relax their terms and conditions and now as long as I haven’t posted any snippets of the book, then I’m golden…

That rules out ‘Talk To Me’ – My fifth book, as I’ve posted the first 1000 or so words of that one on my blog, but I have deliberately not posted anything about ‘The Pornstar’ because I know in the right hands it will sell millions. And I’m my own biggest critic so you know I mean it when I say that.

I’ve got until the end of the month to edit a minimum of the first 40 pages, get into the mindset again and clear up any loose ends before I send it to Richard and Judy, and who knows? This could make me a minimum of fifty grand. I assume there will be royalties involved as well but I need to look over the terms and conditions again which I won’t be able to get around to until after Saturday as I’m pretty busy in terms of work until then (Stupid England! At least it’s character building…) but I’ll have a quick browse through, send it off and you never know you might see me this time next year on TV talking about my book(s)! Probably not on a daytime chat show with a title like ‘The Pornstar’ though…

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