Book 8 is underway, and I’m starting to enjoy writing again!

Wait…What about book 7 you cheater?

I lost book 7 when my laptop decided to die in The Philippines. Don’t worry, I was only 5000 odd words into that one. Since I’ve been back I’ve gained some perspective and decided to write my eighth book before going back to the seventh.


Book 7 is following the life of a stepdad as he raises his stepdaughter, and since I’ve been back I’ve noticed little mannerisms from my baby nephew that I had missed in the book because I didn’t actually have a child of my own. So now I’m giving it a bit more time before I go back to it, as I’m sure there is more that I have missed.

Whatever Trevor…And not GTA5’s Trevor either, you’re nowhere near as cool as him. What’s book 8 called?

It’s going to be called ‘Stranded’, and you can probably guess what it is about. I can’t go into too much detail because a) It hasn’t been fully written yet, and b) Potential publishers can be picky if you go into too much detail on a blog so I have to be deliberately vague. Don’t worry, I’m not intentionally trying to annoy you…

Yes you are you dirty featherplucker…

Hey, there’s no need for that!

Sorry…actually, no I’m not. Tell me more about the book!

OK, it’s about a guy who ends up stuck in a foreign country with no forms of ID and is unable to get home as a result. He originally decided to go on a trip of a lifetime and then after having some terrible luck he ends up…well…stranded.

Sounds OK I suppose. You’re gonna have to do better than that if you want me to buy it though…

Oh don’t worry, there’s much more to the story than that and when I talk about it I speak with far more passion, it’s just like I said before I have to be careful what words I write on here in case two or three years down the line a large publishing firm pulls out of a deal on a technicality. I’ve already found out that I am disqualified from entering certain books in writing competitions because of how much detail I went into about them on my blog. In fact, I have the first couple of chapters of my published books on my blog if you are interested. Click here to have a look.

Ahh… I’d like some SPAM with my eggs please…

Sorry, but if you are not aware of them then how would you know if you like them or not? And it’s not as if I’m pushing rubbish. I completely believe in my work and if people enjoy my work once they’ve discovered it, then surely that’s a good thing?

Sure… I stopped reading after you wrote ‘Click here’… Hows England treating you?

Very well actually! I’ve got two part time jobs and I am enjoying them. I’m not earning enough to survive at the moment but the key thing is I’m getting my confidence back, and getting used to holding a conversation in English again, as when you live abroad you tend to speak and hear broken English all the time and before you know it you are forgetting your own language! Most importantly though I am starting to write books again. I’m finding it hard to keep myself disciplined but I think that’s more to do with being rusty more than anything. What’s more is that I’m enjoying it, so hopefully that’s a good omen. I’m also enjoying being back in England. Suffolk is a stunning part of the country. I went to the lake last week and that was really peaceful.


Bosh indeed! Come back next week when I write more bollocks about my life. Take care and don’t do what I wouldn’t do…


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