Needham Lake, Suffolk




I’m officially a proper member of society again, working two jobs and still not able to afford to pay my bills. But hey, at least I’m paying taxes in my own country right?


However there is a positive side to this; obviously I cannot keep this going because eventually I’ll run out of money and be living on the streets so I know it’s only temporary. This means that I’m treating this as an extended stay in a certain part of the world. That certain part of the world just happens to be England.


So once I got my bike fixed I decided to explore Needham Market, which is a stunning country town just outside of Ipswich. It’s also a stones throw away from where Ed Sheeran grew up, which is a selling point in itself. Once I figured out what was good to see I settled on seeing Needham Lake first, which wasn’t actually that far from where I’m living right now.

20160407_115211        20160407_115338

Luckily I did go by bike in the end, as I missed the turning and ended up in a village 2 miles away called Baylham. So I cycled back and asked for directions. Eventually I found the lake, and I’m so glad I did…


Peaceful is the perfect word to describe the lake. I felt instantly at ease when I got there. Thailand taught me a lot about energy and this place definitely had a calming energy about it. I sat down at a bench and mentally planned out the next few scenes of my book whilst absorbing the atmosphere, then after that I got back on the bike and rode slowly around the lake a couple of times



There’s a kids play area that uses old wood as climbing frames. I don’t know how sturdy it is, I wasn’t in the mood to go swinging on it…

I will be coming back here much more often using it as my go to place to unwind. I used it the other day to write out a plan for the next ten thousand words of my book. I can’t do any more than that this early into the book as I have to let the book write itself in the early stages. If you are looking for me and I’m not working, chances are I’ll be at the lake, either riding around enjoying the scenery or feeding the ducks. Or even just chilling out doing nothing. Wow, I’m becoming a right old man now aren’t I?…




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