Spend money to make money…

Lately I have had friends give me (to be fair, rather excellent) advice as to what I should do to promote my books, my blog, and myself as a brand name. One friend in particular who shall remain nameless (cough cough… The artist formerly known as Thacker…cough cough…) has been keeping in touch asking me how sales are going (successful people always help each other out and encourage one another). Then he told me a few things I could do right now to make myself reach more people, and ultimately more of a passive income.

It makes perfect sense, but naturally I’m quite fearful to invest in my products to get some sort of return. I’m worried I’m turning into one of those people who makes excuses as to why I can’t do what I want, but at the same time I’m fully aware that this is a natural thought process to be concerned about losing everything chasing a dream. Mind you, as I write this, surely risking everything to get what we want is better than playing safe and not finding out if we were capable of succeeding in the first place?

I think back to the days when I would play Fifa. I would always start with a team destined to be relegated from league 2 and build them into a superpower. Sure, I could simply play every game on amateur and win the Premier League that way, but it’s much more fun to build a team and watch them destroy the best in the world without having to interfere.

There is no magic wand to do this however. First you write off a season or two building up enough money to buy a reasonably good youth scout. Then, once you start bringing in players with good potential the big clubs offer money for them. If you put a stupidly high counter offer sometimes they bite, and then you have tens of millions to invest into the squad, or in my case, buying a couple of world class scouts that will make your team world beaters in five years time…

There is an analogy to this; in Fifa I can easily make a team of world beaters out of nothing, but to do that I need time and money. I have savings, albeit not enough to force feed my product to 7 billion people until they become addicted to it, but enough to do some sort of push. My friend who shall remain nameless <ahhhCHOO!…..Thacker…> had some great ideas for me to give a try. He’s doing pretty well for himself, so he must know what he is talking about…

The final stumbling block is confidence. Confidence to get over the fear and take the plunge. If you asked me this 2 months ago I would have cowered in my bed thinking that I would never be able to face the world like I could a year or two ago. Now I can feel myself getting back to normal I’m starting to get my confidence, and more importantly, my self belief back. Something that seemed impossible a few months ago seems pretty feasible now as long as I push myself. And for that I have to say a massive thank you to my friends and my family who have been supporting me through the last few months. I wouldn’t be where I am today mentally if it wasn’t for all of you. You all know who you are…

However the most important thing right now is not to be one of those people who say they are going to do things, it’s to take a deep breath and actually do it. I may fail. But I may reach the heights of success I’ve always dreamed of. So although it may seem incredibly daunting to take the first leap of faith in terms of paid advertising and self marketing, the rewards far outweigh the risks…

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