Impromptu night out in Stowmarket

Plan A was to go to the pub I’ve been doing a few shifts at recently and relax by playing a few games of pool by myself. Of course, nothing ever ends up being plan A. If I was on plan A of my life I would be an accountant by now, with a wife and 2.4 children generally doing what society keeps telling me what I should be doing…

When I got there the pool table was taken, so I patiently waited at the bar sipping my vodka and lemonade, not looking over because I thought that would be rude. Instead choosing to chat away with my boss.

After about five minutes one of the girls I work behind the bar with came over. Turns out it was her and her boyfriend by the pool table and I hadn’t clocked on. So she invited me over and asked if I wanted to join in and play pool with them. I didn’t need asking twice…

A few games of pool, several drinks and a good old chinwag later they asked if I wanted to go down the road with them to another bar. I said I couldn’t because I was only out for one and didn’t have a key to get in. Then I thought to myself I could always go back, get the key and head back out so I didn’t disturb anyone when I came back.

Half an hour later I drunkenly stumbled over to ‘The Mill’, which is another bar just by the train station. Then I went to the bar and ordered myself a drink. The girl behind the bar smiled at me as she served me. It could have been the same smile she had flashed at everyone all night, as it is her job to be friendly, nonetheless it improved my confidence that has been ridiculously fragile since I’ve been back, and the three of us (me, the girl I worked with and her boyfriend) went upstairs to the sitting area and played a few more games of pool whilst getting to know each other better. Then at about 11:30 we all called it a night and went back home.

It wasn’t exactly as lively as some of my crazy nights out in Thailand (some are on my blog, others I’d rather not write about in case I get in some kind of trouble. But I’m sure you can imagine the kind of things we got up to…), but it was nice to get out and feel human again. I met some nice people that could be friends in the long run. I’m not travelling right now, but the main reason people travel is to see new things and meet new people. Stowmarket is a beautiful place, and I’m starting to get to know a whole new group of people that I would have never met otherwise. Just like when I lived in Toddington and Torquay.

I don’t know how long I’m going to be here, but it seems like a nice community and hopefully I’ll meet a lot more people just like this before I leave, whenever that will be…



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