Stowmarket, England

One of the best things about travelling is when you come back home you start to see your own country through the eyes of a tourist. I’m back and staying in a place called Stowmarket in Southern Suffolk until I can get my new passport sorted.

You’ve got 5 seconds before I close this page and start watching porn. So start making this interesting…

OK. Look at the pictures:




Maybe that should be the town slogan;

Stowmarket: better than porn…


It’s nice, but I still want to watch some Mia Khalifa before my parents come back from the shops…

It is nice. One of the nicest places I have been to in England to be fair. Mind you that could be because like I said before now I’m seeing England in a different light, and it’s not a load of flourescent ones in case you think I’m on ecstasy…


Sorry… Anyway; it’s a beautiful little town which has a nice town centre to walk through. The people are very friendly as well. The kind of people that smile and say hello as you walk past and hold the door open for you if you are heading in that direction. I’ve heard the schools are good here too, which is good for my nephew.

Can’t you just talk about your students again? That was way more interesting…

Unfortunately I wont be teaching again any time soon mainly because of that. When you are teaching a seven year old how to read the word ‘sat’ by saying “buh-at…bat. cuh-at…cat. muh-at…mat. ruh-at…rat. suh-at…?” then asking him what he thinks the word is and he replies “helicopter”, you tend to lose your motivation after a while.

Fair point. So, Stowmarket, why else is it the schizzle?

I think that’s it really. It’s an old fashioned English town that has a vibrant energy about it. Something I suppose you truly miss once you leave the country for an extended period of time. When you are from a country you tend to take it for granted until you leave and you realize how beautiful your own country actually is. Having said that hopefully I wont be here much longer though. As much as I like it here I would like to get moving again and get some kind of income coming in sooner rather than later.


Just to melt your hearts here’s a picture of my little nephew in his ‘pen-gee-quin’ outfit…

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