Taylor Outsmarted The Lot of Us!

Taylor (My six year old nephew) came home from school armed with a book claiming he could read it like an absolute boss, so I let him sit next to me and he read the book to me. Half way through the book Jamie (His dad) came home from work and we both listened to Taylor read the rest of his book.

When he finished I gave him 50p as a reward because of how well he read the book. Then Jamie, as a joke, pulled out a huge stack of notes (I guess from work) and casually said “There you go Taylor.”

“Thanks!” Taylor said with a massive grin on his face, seemingly oblivious as to how much money he had been given. Then ran towards the stairs with the money.

“N-no Taylor, I was only joking…” Jamie said nervously whilst reaching for the money. “Give it back please!”

“My teacher said that if you give someone something you shouldn’t ask for it back…” Taylor replied without missing a beat.

Me and Jamie burst out laughing as Taylor ran up the stairs with approximately a thousand pounds and fifty pence in his hand. Not bad for a days work! Looks like Jamie may need to find another job…


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