I’m Sitting On A Gem, With No Clue What To Do With It…

I finished the first draft of my sixth book around half a year ago. It’s not the finished article yet by any means but even with the impossibly high standards I usually set myself I know that I’ve got something special here…

The title alone would make people curious enough to want to read it, but on top of that everyone I have given this to has said that this is by far my best work, and I try and only let people who aren’t afraid to say it how it is read my books instead of people who will only tell me what I want to hear.

All my other books are good, they are easy reads that make people want to come back for more, but I didn’t have a clue how to get them to actual publishers. Also back then I didn’t have the belief that anyone would want to publish my books because of how little self confidence I had in myself. That’s why I self published them and tried to get them out to the masses myself.

This one is different though; Now I’ve done it a few times and received positive feedback from people I was expecting to rip it to pieces my confidence has soared and I know the potential of my latest book. I haven’t posted anything specifically about the book since i have heard stories about publishers not wanting to touch books once they have been on blogs, because they have been ‘already published’ so to speak…

I would assume I need an agent, since I know very little about how to get the book seen by publishers. My main worry is that if I give it to someone they can cross my name out, write theirs in and legally make it theirs. Or worse still, tweak it a bit and say that they came up with a better one.

Like I said; I’m my own biggest critic but I know this book will sell in the right hands. Whichever publisher (and/or agent) who is willing to take a punt on it will make some serious money if it is marketed the right way. However I’m stuck in no mans land since I don’t know the law, and worried that some leech is going to steal my work and claim it for themselves.

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