A Pretty Cool Book Review

For Christmas I gave my brother-in-law’s mum my book to read. She smiled and said she couldn’t wait to read it. I celebrated this by dancing like Luigi on Britain’s Got Talent…

A few days later she came over and told me that she’d given her book to her mum to read.

Let me tell you about her mum: she is an lady in her 80’s would speaks very eloquently and I assume is very well educated. Needless to say I didn’t expect to be allowed back into her home ever again after she read the sex scene and the extremely graphic drug references.

“Please tell me you are joking!” I asked her hoping that she was winding me up.

“No, I think she’ll like it!” She replied.

“She won’t…” My brother in law replied laughing.

A few days later Tricia (my brother-in-law’s mum) came back and told me that her mum liked it. Tricia has a heart of gold so I took this with a pinch of salt, thinking that she only said that to try and make me feel good.

Then a few days ago I was in the car with my sister and she told me she went over to Tricia’s mum’s house and that she had actually read the book. Well, part of it anyway…

“Normally I can tell within a few pages whether a book is going to be good or not. And I think your brother is a very good writer!” She said. “But once I got to the sex scene I couldn’t read any more. Did he have to be so graphic? It does flow really well though. I really liked it up until that point.”

Quite honestly, I’m chuffed to pieces with that. Someone who has zero connection with me who would be the last person I would aim the book at said she liked it (until the sex scene anyway) and she definitely is the kind of person to say if she wasn’t impressed. For me that suggests that the average person would find this a page turner. This might be my wake up call to try and contact a large publishing firm instead of self publishing, as they can reach a far larger audience than me. I’ve got the product. I just need to get it out there to the masses…

Book cover the price of fame

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