Goal Of The Season!

My 6 year old nephew walked in as I was playing career mode on Fifa and asked if he could join in. I said yes since as long as I scored one goal (and didn’t concede any) we would have won and it wouldn’t mess up my save.

Turns out that playing two player on the same team is a lot harder than it looks, especially when one of the players is a child with very little interest in football. 60 minutes into the game it was 2-2 and I was starting to regret not saving my game before starting this match. Then my nephew picked up the ball from inside his own half and began to casually jog towards the goal. I rolled my eyes and pretended not to be frustrated as he was wasting valuable time to get a winning goal, soon he was running towards the corner flag.

Then he dodged a challenge and ran towards the box whilst 1 yard away from the goal line.

“Cross it!’ I shouted, more in hope than expectation. My nephew wasn’t dererred though, and from the tightest of angles he spanked the ball past the keeper into the goal whilst still outside the box. I stared in disbelief as he looked so calmly at the screen saying “I scored”

“…What a goal!” I finally stutted, and paused the game so I could show his dad the amazing goal he’d just scored.

“Mate, you’ve got to see this goal he’s just scored!” I said proudly. He couldn’t believe it either and said he was expecting my nephew to cross the ball as it was such a near impossible angle…

We went on to win the game 5-2, scoring another goal each to add some gloss on the scoreline. Uncle-nephew bonding at its finest! He can play Fifa with me whenever he likes if he continues to score corkers like that!


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