Last Few Days In Chiang Mai

As you may know by now I am back in England with my family. I didn’t plan on ending my trip so prematurely but hey, these things happen. I ended up returning to the scene of the crime; spending a whole month in Chiang Mai and of course catching up with my old friends.

Hilariously my landlord had kept my bicycle, so I had transport for the month. This meant it was very easy to catch up with everyone. However as these things usually do, the month had come and gone before I knew it. I’d spent most of the month doing absolutely nothing and wondering what I should be doing (I hate the word should, as it implies you are doing something wrong and there is a better way to spend your time…) when I got back to England.

On one of my last days a few of my friends (Keni and Jamie, whose wedding I went to about 6 months ago, and Danny, who won the ping pong tournament a few weeks back under the alias ‘omelette du fromage’) invited me out to Miguel’s, which in my opinion is the best Mexican restaurant in Chiang Mai. We all cycled there because we are healthy and all that bollocks. Then rendered the exercise pointless by destroying lots of unhealthy food. It was legendary!

Keni snuck off and paid for us without our knowledge being the true Englishman that he is, and I then said my second goodbyes to them (as I’d said my final goodbyes to them a few months before. I hadn’t even had a fucking haircut by the time I came back!)

Bye everyone. See you in a couple of months as the running joke seems to be…


From left: Keni, Jamie, Danny, and me in my pink shirt…



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