Not Your Usual Travelling Experience in Ho Chi Minh…

I made it to Vietnam! I flew in at 12:30 in the morning (which is going to be my last flight on this trip, honest!!!) and didn’t like the look of the taxi drivers and motorbike guys who were following me around and not leaving me alone. I’d seen on the map that there were hundreds and hundreds of hotels nearby so I decided to walk with my heavy bags and find a hotel by myself.

“This was a terrible idea!” I muttered to myself after 10 seconds, not having a clue where I was going. I realised I wasn’t in The Philippines anymore and assumed it would only be a matter of time before I got robbed. After walking for 15 minutes I found a palace of a room for 300,000 dong (about £10) so I did a jig and celebrated the fact I didn’t die…

The next day a friend of mine contacted me and said “Yo blood; I’m gonna be bowling it through Ho Chi Minh tonight. Make yourself known playa or get the fuck out of my life bitch!!!” (I may be slightly paraphrasing that…) I agreed to his demands because I’m a pussy and met up with him. He had a really nice room in a ridiculously posh hotel. I accepted the fact that my friend may be a secret drug dealer and broke into a dance. A dance that we later called the ‘Give it to me I’m worff it’ dance…


The view from the top floor of my friend’s hotel. We even had food and cocktails for free!

We had a few drinks, then went off to explore the city. He convinced me to go to Cambodia to do some voluntary work there with him and I did one more dance, however he saw this as a challenge to his masculinity, and proceeded to have a dance off with me. I can neither confirm nor deny whether I cried afterwards or not, but I did lose…

Later on that afternoon I found a Vietnamese restaurant to have some authentic Vietnamese food and I accidentally locked eyes with an angry looking Vietnamese guy about my age. “Oh shit…” I thought to myself. I tried not to antagonize him any more by swiftly looking away from his gaze but it didn’t work, and he angrily walked towards me.

“Hi, do you want to sit with me?” He said in a friendly tone. I’ve never been good at reading people. There’s a reason I don’t play poker.

We sat down and got chatting, he said his name was Taylor and loved writing music and art. I told him my sister was an artist as well which he liked. Soon he was inviting me to go with him to his hometown for the weekend, which I thought was a cracking idea as I had nothing planned anyway.


Me at one of the temples in My Tho, Taylor’s home town.

That evening I wanted to go out for the night to celebrate the birth of my nephew. A kind girl at the restaurant told me about a place called ‘Vuvuzela’ so I headed in that direction. It was a great place, but it was a shame that I went there by myself because I couldn’t enjoy myself as much as i wanted to, but it’s definitely worth going once if you ever end up around the airport area of Ho Chi Minh…

The day after that I met up with another friend of mine I had been talking to online. We met in a coffee shop and she revealed she was big into meditation and asked if I wanted to join in a session she was about to do. I said why not? and did a little bit of meditating, because I’m worff it… She then took me to her house where I met her family and they cooked me lunch. We had fish and brown rice and it was amazing! After lunch we went to her room and she started chatting online. The next thing I knew I had fallen asleep on her bed and had been there for 3 hours! I woke up alone and with the lights off. She’d obviously seen I had fallen asleep and left me to it. As I came to I thought to myself, “What a lovely person.” We then chatted for about 30 minutes before her mum asked me if I wanted to have dinner. I did really want to, but I had to get back to my hotel for 8 o clock before the copy shop shut. So I thanked them all for their hospitality and went on my way.

So I didn’t do what everyone normally does in Ho Chi Minh, I didn’t see the war memorial or the tunnels, but as I’m going to Cambodia I have a chance to do that the next time I go through Vietnam. Overall I had a great time and wouldn’t change it for a stereotypical travel experience through Ho Chi Minh. I’m very fortunate to be having a real travel experience. Long may it continue!

4 thoughts on “Not Your Usual Travelling Experience in Ho Chi Minh…

  1. I live in Viet Nam and the people here think that it is a true tragedy to be left alone – that was part of the reason you kept having people coming up to you.
    Come back and see the place properly.

    • I loved the friendliness of the people there! They seemed very sincere as well so I’ll definitely be back. The plan was to be back next month and then go through to China but I’ve had a bit of bad luck and have had to book a flight home and do this trip again next year. Looking forward to returning though 🙂

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