Puerto Galera, The Philippines

I was way ahead of schedule by the time I got to Puerto Galera. I had made a rough estimation beforehand that I would be half way through my month long trip by the time I got here, however I had been flying through Luzon and got there after a week. I’d heard that Puerto Galera was expensive so I didn’t plan on staying long, that was until I was greeted by this sight:


I had met a Welsh guy and his girlfriend on the boat from Batangas and he told me that he was staying in a resort, so if I didn’t have anywhere to stay I should follow him there and from there I could find relatively cheap accommodation nearby, however once I saw the view from the resort I was set, and paid for two nights there.

Almost instantly afterwards I walked next door and found a beach hut. I asked how much it was and they quoted me 900 pesos (about £15) a night cheaper than where I was staying. I took it on the chin Mayweatheresque and decided to stay there after I’d finished my two days at the resort.

So by now I was set to chill out by the beach for a few days. I’m not really a beach person so I hadn’t planned for this, but it was a welcome break from travelling from place to place every one or two days, staying in a place with a bathroom down the hall and a room that could barely fit a bed in…

On the second day David (the Welsh guy) invited me up to his balcony for a drink. I declined because he was with his girlfriend and assumed I was intruding on their romantic getaway together. He brushed this off and said it would be fun, so I punched the air like a power ranger and signed the contract, saying I’d be there in a few hours. When I got there I was greeted by copious amounts of alcohol and great company, We talked about my books and every subject other than my books for a few hours until hunger struck. He then treated me to a nice meal in the resort that was orgasm worthy, then we went to do some karaoke.

Karaoke? But you can’t sing, you can barely speak!

I know, but I forgot to mention that Mae, (David’s girlfriend) was an outstanding singer, as are a lot of Filipinas, David could handle himself with a microphone as well. (That’s not an innuendo, control yourself you dirty bastards!!!) Mae immediately opened up with ‘Girl on fire’ and I was blown away, you could even say my fire was blown out (I’m so fucking hilarious, I’m here all week…) Then they handed the microphone to me and I murdered ‘Thinking out loud’, ‘A Thousand Years’ and ‘But I do love you’. I did redeem myself after a few more drinks by nailing ‘Champagne Supernova’ (Although I went for a high note at the end, failed miserably and temporarily deafened everyone within a 5 yard radius of me…). I think I’ve found my karaoke song when I’m an ickle bit drunk and there’s a karaoke machine in the vicinity…

The next day I went by myself to a bar that had a pool table. Even the bar girls were taking zero interest in me (I know, I’m a stallion around the ladies…) as I played some pool on my Todd. Then help arrived in the form of an Englishman; the owner walked in and as we got talking, the girls perked up. This gave me more confidence and one of the girls began to flirt with me. She was a bar girl and obviously looking for a free drink, but I still counted it as a moral victory and did a fist pump in celebration. (Not that kind of fist pump! Fucking hell, what’s wrong with you lot today?…)

I stayed there for a few hours and got drunk, then I staggered home to write some more of my book, which by this point I was still trying to write. Before finally deciding to move on to Iloilo the next day.

I will definitely be back in Puerto Galera one day. The ex-pats were very welcoming and the community in general was small but they were all kind. I’m starting to think I could easily get a six month visa here and churn out a book whilst spending some extensive time around this country.


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