Book 7 Has Been Shelved…

I deeply regret to inform you that for the first time in my writing career I have had to give up on a book, at least for the time being…

This is not an erratic decision by any means; I have fought hard to continue to write this book as one of my many mottos is ‘Losers make excuses and winners get their arse in gear and make it happen’, but in the end writing this book was too much for me and I have had to stop.

I have just started my trip half way around the world. The plan was to write a seventh book whilst travelling. I felt that if I could do this then I could write anywhere, meaning that I could literally be anywhere in the world doing whatever I wanted as long as I kept disciplined and focused on my book until it was finished. However almost immediately after my trip began I started to have some bad luck. One of the problems was my laptop decided to die and the grand old age of one week old. Sometimes it would work, but usually it would freeze before it could load up. And when it did load up it would take over an hour to load, and freeze quite often. By this time I had lost my motivation to write, and when I did write I knew it wasn’t my best work because the moment had gone…

Nonetheless I still wrote. Even when the laptop didn’t work I scribbled on a notebook thinking I could transfer it onto my laptop when it decided to briefly come back to life. As I wrote I didn’t have the same focus as before because I was either in a noisy internet cafe, on a rickety bus or knackered after travelling for 8 or more hours during the day. Quite frankly, I knew deep down I didn’t have it in me…

The final straw came a few days ago when the laptop froze again. I thought to myself “I can’t keep doing this; I’m not even enjoying my once in a lifetime trip because I’m stressing over this fucking book all the time because I have to jump through so many hoops just to get a few hundred words down. And even when I do I know that it’s not my best work…” and with a heavy heart I stopped obsessing over the book and stopped writing. I know my mind is frazzled with all the things that are going on around me at the moment, in fact I even feel mentally exhausted writing this blog post and it is unfair to put out sub-par material (although that could also be attributed to being in an internet cafe with a lot of commotion going on around me…). I have high standards, and expect to adhere to them. I guess I wasn’t supposed to write this book right now. I can take some solace in the fact that I have written six books already, so it’s not as if I’ve quit at the first hurdle.

I don’t know when i’m going to start writing again. But I feel that this is natures way of telling me to stop, at least for now. I’m sorry about this; I know in my heart of hearts I can’t juggle travelling and writing whilst my computer problems are ongoing, and I will try again when I feel mentally ready.


5 thoughts on “Book 7 Has Been Shelved…

  1. Maybe nature wants you to postpone, to give yourself the opportunity to absorb your ever changing surroundings. You could so easily miss out on the journey itself while you are focusing on the book.
    You won’t make this journey again, there will be others I’m sure but enjoy this one for what it is, a unique opportunity to see new things, meet new people and just experience it all.
    Keep a diary though and who knows, at the end of this trip you might have a whole book’s worth of material for a story you would never have thought of before.
    The time has to be right when you are writing, so don’t think of it as an excuse because it’s not. This is just the right time to take a break and enjoy xx

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