A Real Filipino Pool Hall

Anyone who knows about pool, more specifically 9 ball pool, knows that the Filipino’s dominated the pool scene in the late nineties. As a child I would watch in awe as ‘The Magician’ Efren Reyes would effortlessly destroy his opponents. Maybe that was another reason why I subconsciously wanted to go to The Philippines…

After travelling through various villages to get to a small ex-Spanish colonial town called Vigan, we ended up in a small village called Cervantes and was told by the bus driver that we were stuck there for a few hours, so we went to explore. The Canadian I was travelling with found an internet cafe that didn’t have any internet, and after half an hour of trying to figure out the complex PC controls for GTA San Andreas I gave up, and went to explore the village.

Just as I’d done a lap of the village I heard the unmistakable clash of pool balls smashing against each other. I said to myself, “Game on!” and ran up the stairs to where the sound was coming from.20150918_160958

As you can see they are very humble, but don’t let the state of the tables fool you; these Filipino’s effortlessly smashed in the balls. I then asked one of the guys who was playing by himself if I could play. “No…” Was the blunt response…

Then on the other table a crowd was gathering because a white boy was in the pool hall, and they asked if I wanted to play of the guys who looked about 16 for 10 pesos (about 15 pence) a game.

“He’s going to destroy me…” I thought to myself smiling as I said yes. I played him twice and somehow beat him both times. Then I thanked everyone before going on my way since the bus was about to leave.

So on my death bed I can proudly say that I have beaten a Filipino at pool. I bet my grandad (an ex-amateur snooker player) is dead jealous…

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