The Adventures of Flat Stanley: Bangkok and Northern Philippines

So our journey has begun! I got in the back of a song tao (a Thai red truck that is a cross between a bus and a taxi) with Flat Stanley and we both took a selfie to celebrate. Stanley passed his Thai lessons with flying colours so I thought I would throw him in the deep end and see how his negotiation skills were. He didn’t disappoint, and effortlessly got us the song tao for 50 baht (£1)


Next was the train to Bangkok; Flat Stanley was really tired so he went to sleep early. I decided while he was sleeping to get stuck into Richard Branson’s autobiography. I haven’t finished it yet but so far it is a very entertaining read!

Bangkok proved to be a bit more tricky; Flat Stanley managed to find a nice hotel for only 600 baht (£12), but unfortunately they were full when we got there. So I took over and found a posh hotel for 1100 baht (£22) and even managed to get the price down to 750 baht (£15) by booking through their website.


Flat Stanley enjoying the view from our penthouse room


The man himself curling up with a good book before we embarked on our plane ride the next day

The plane ride was pretty good. Stanley managed to bag himself an aisle seat with plenty of legroom so he was happy. I sat next to 2 Norwegian guys who were singing the praises of The Philippines. They told me that the people in The Philippines love their music so we would have a great time there. Especially Stanley because the Filipino people love people made out of paper, I must admit I felt slightly jealous…


Stanley making sure he has his seat belt on before we took off

We then spent 2 days in a town called Baguio to rest up and get our bearings. After that we took a bus to a mountain town called Sagada. The views were simply breathtaking and you should have seen Stanley’s face as he looked out at the rice fields situated on the mountains.


Stanley was a little bit thirsty, so I bought him a larger than life sized bottle of water for the bus ride up to Sagada

And that’s it so far. We are currently in a old Spanish colonial town called Vigan and Stanley is catching up on some sleep while I write this. Next time you’ll hear from us we should be making our way towards Central Philippines. I suppose I’d better wake him up actually, since it’s nearly midday here, so it’s ciao for now!

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