My ‘No-Flying’ Rule Lasted All of 2 Days…

Erm… What?

The trip that I have been planning for nearly a year now was to go from Thailand back to England by land (and sea, but no planes) I’d always wanted to go to The Philippines, there was no particular reason why, but it had always appealed to me. Living in Thailand meant I was working seven days a week for hardly any money, so travelling whilst living in Asia was out of the question. As I was researching The Philippines I soon realised that to go there you had to have an exit flight or they wouldn’t let you in, unless you came in from Brunei on a cruise ship, stayed there for a day and went on to Taiwan or mainland China. I didn’t want to do this because I wanted to explore the country rather than be in and out in a day.

I told my friend Xavier that I was going to have to miss The Philippines because I couldn’t get there with flying and he bluntly replied, “So what? Who the fuck are you trying to impress? Just fly there…”

He was right; I knew I could fly back to Thailand and start from there. But then I thought it would be pointless to fly back to Thailand and start there, so after contemplating for a while I eventually settled on flying to Vietnam and working my way up north from there.

So there it is: I was in Bangkok for a day before promptly breaking my ‘no-flying’ rule after a grand total of 2 days. Once I get into Vietnam I’ll start my ‘no-flying’ trip from there.


So how was the flight?

It was really good. I flew with a Filipino airline called Cebu Pacific and sat next to a couple of Norwegian fellas. They told me in detail that I was going to have a great time, and that the Filipinos loved music (so I was set). We were supposed to land at 2:40 but by 3:00 we were still in the air, with no announcement as to why we hadn’t landed yet. My first reaction was that a plane at the airport had been delayed, and that we had to wait until there was a runway available until we could finally land.

We had circled the airport for over an hour before the pilot landed the plane. If I had to guess I would have said that there was a horrific storm outside and we couldn’t land because of it, mainly because as we descended the plane was rocking, but considering the weather the pilot did a very good job landing the plane. So much so that I asked the stewardesses to thank the pilot, who I felt deserved a lot more credit for landing the plane as smoothly as he did.

So, no more planes right?

Unfortunately yes. I think I’m going to fly from Cebu back to Manila and then fly to Ho Chi Minh from there. But after that, no more planes, I promise…

4 thoughts on “My ‘No-Flying’ Rule Lasted All of 2 Days…

    • Sorry about that, i talked about it on my homepage and didn’t want to repeat myself. Basically i thought it would be cool to travel sans planes because i really enjoyed that part of travelling 5 years ago. I felt you got to see all aspects of a country or region rather than skip straight through it and only do the touristy areas…

      • To each their own – regardless of how you arrive, one definitely sees a ton of places and aspects of a given country / city. Trains and buses can be more ‘of the people’ since they’re not all run the same way, but taking an entire day to cover a distance a plane travels in an hour cuts into the actual ‘seeing stuff’ time.

      • It depends, you can do night buses or trains. I also like to see the scenery as i travel. If i get bored i can always utilize the time to do some planning for my books or even write some, as the scenery can get you in the right mindset. But as you say; each to their own…

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