The book’s done, so why does it not feel like that?

I finished the first draft of my sixth book last week. This book zapped the strength out of me so naturally when I wrote that final word and said to myself “That’s it!”, I couldn’t wait to celebrate. of course, I went out with some of my friends who helped me emotionally through the writing process and we painted the town orange, because I’m colourblind and I prefer orange to red as it’s far brighter…

However for the last couple of days I haven’t felt the same euphoria that I did when I finished the previous five; this one is still keeping me up. I’m finding plot holes in the book and wondering if it makes sense or not. This could be due to a variety of factors; most likely it is because all my other books are novellas (too small to be considered an actual book) whereas this one is approximately 400 pages long give or take. So I’m trying to find flaws where essentially there probably aren’t any…

I’m waiting to hear back from a few people to tell me if it’s ready to go into the second draft stage with some editing, or if in fact it does need more work and I have to go back to the drawing board, or the computer in my room in this case…

I could be worrying about nothing of course. More often than not these things are in my head and I just need to accept that I do have a natural talent for this, which is easier said than done.

I’ve had my doubts all the way through this book. I have no idea why, because the majority of people who have read it have said this is by far your best work and you should stop being so hard on yourself…Maybe that’s it. Maybe I should stop being so hard on myself and embrace my talent. Then again, being my own biggest critic has kept me level headed and also kept my standards high. I guess there should be a mix between the two. I may look back on this post in a years time and say to myself, “Wow, you really felt that way about this book?” Who knows? Either way; I’m taking a break from writing for a few months to recharge my batteries. The mistake I made last year was to keep writing until I burned myself out. This time I’ve written a book with a hell of a lot of potential, but I feel I need a couple of months to reflect before I write the next one. I may even go back to this one and improve it for the better. Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “The book’s done, so why does it not feel like that?

  1. Wish you good luck Lewis!! I checked your three books on Amazon. But it is only being sold in Amazon UK. I cannot buy them there. or is there any other way I can read your books? U should expand your market to China!haha and yes you need a couple of months to recharge yourself. You will do better next time!

    • I assume you can get them on, but I won’t know for sure until I’m in China myself and I can check. I know in Thailand the books cost a lot more due to tax. I guess it varies depending on where you are. But like i said; check instead, that might work 🙂

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