Book 6 is done! Kind of…

Yep! You read that right; My latest book ‘The Pornstar’ is finally completed! Well, the first draft of it is anyway…Well, it is, but it isn’t. If you’ve been following my struggle to finish this book you will know at one point i was writing four different endings because i wasn’t happy with how it was ending. I was also writing too much trying to find a way to wrap it up. So much so that a friend of mine who critiques my books actually told me that it was starting to drag. This meant i needed to get rid of some and find a way to wrap it up.

Yesterday i wrote 5500 words to finish the whole book. I felt over the moon once it was done and so elated that i felt like i could take on the world. The problem (if you really want to call it that!) is that because i had multiple endings, i have plot twists and scenes that contradict themselves. So although i’m technically done, i still need to peruse through about 10,000 words worth of material and delete and/or change it where it’s appropriate. Luckily for me when i write a book i obsess over it like a deranged stalker, so i already know what it wrong, what i have to change and how i’m going to change it. It’s just a matter of physically doing it. I reckon that will take two hours tops, and not a lot of brainpower compared to the last few weeks i’ve been through.

So over 110,000 words (approx 400 pages) and six months later the book is done! kind of… Now i’m in celebration mode. Don’t try and contact me for the next few days because i’ll be way too intoxicated to respond…

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