An Unplanned Setback

I’m nearly done with this latest book now. I’m 105,000 words in and rapidly approaching the end of the book, however unlike all my other books instead of the whole thing fitting perfectly into place, this one seems to have more questions than answers as I write it.

I had a vague idea of how I wanted to end the book with key plot twists towards the end, but as I wrote these plot twists I wasn’t happy with the final product. This was confirmed by a friend of mine who I gave the chapter to critique and she said it didn’t flow with the story. Hence, I needed a plan B. I hadn’t been in this situation before. the whole book was building towards these plot twists, and as I wrote them they didn’t fit in the book, so what was I going to do?

I continued to write, wondering if it was just me worrying about nothing. Also as long as I kept the story moving I knew I would get new ideas pop into my head. I had a great plot twist which is somewhat controversial that I cannot talk about at the moment as there are people who follow this blog who are waiting to find out what happens in the story. As I wrote this plot twist I again struggled to figure out how to wrap it up, as the more I wrote it led to more unanswered questions which in turn led to me writing more and more.

Which brings me to Thursday evening; I was letting my mind wander and scribbling ideas down for an outline to the story and I came up with yet another ending to this book (as of right now I have four!) only this time I am happy with it. It’s a cool ending with a lot of drama and it answers all the question that the reader may have. The only problem being (apart from being just as complex as my previous book ‘The Butterfly Killings’ to bring to a close) that I am going to have to disregard one, maybe two of my major plot twists in my book for it to work. This also means a lot more work for me, as i’m going to have to change a lot of the dialogue as it wouldn’t make sense since the scene that was written before would have a knock on effect on the following scenes and chapters.

Also, when i write these various endings I will have to choose wisely which one I’m going to give out first, as only have one shot to take them as a reader on a journey as they innocently wander where I’m going to take the story. Once I’ve given the first ending out the surprise value will be gone in the other endings, even though some things may not exist in other endings, they might tarnish how the person perceives the book as a whole.

Luckily now I’m not working anymore (or not working anywhere near as much, I should say…) I can make this my sole focus and force myself to whack it out. Because once I’m done with this one, I’m GOING to celebrate. And I plan to celebrate in Thailand with my friends around me, not in some obscure country with a group of people I’ve just met as I’m navigating my way back to England by land via South East Asia. This book wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for my friends here. their influences – whether they were positive or negative – helped me summon up the correct energy to channel into this book, which means this book is just as much their book as it is mine, and they deserve to celebrate with once it’s all over.

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