Sasha had a birthday, so like all people in their mid 20’s we thought bowling would be the best place to go, rather than get drunk and moan about how our lives haven’t gone quite to plan yet… So i threw my hat in the ring and said i was ready to bowl! I made sure i had a list of excuses ready, such as having a dodgy wrist, not playing in years and the simple fact that i was shite at the game.

Thirteen(ish) people showed up, so we split the lanes and went into four separate groups. I was in the group of men. But not just any men; manly men. So i took a sip of my mineral water and got myself ready for ‘Beast Mode’.

Harrison named himself ‘Sweet Justice’. Shouting “SWEET JUSTICE!” every time he got a strike or a spare. A guy called…Actually i can’t remember his name, i want to say Dom, I remember he was from Hackney though, so because of that his new name is ‘Harry from Hackney’. Anyway Harry from Hackney called himself Confucius, and Jonny got called ‘Jonmy’ because the Thai guy registered his name wrong. Then they handed the piece of paper to me and Harrison, AKA Sweet Justice, said to me, “Be creative, Lewis!” Thus, ‘Creative Lewis’ was born…..


Here is the picture of our final scores in the second game. I lost the first one so i felt no need to display that. No, in all seriousness i was surprised that i got so many points, so i wanted proof that it happened. I even managed to tie!


As you can see from the pictures the bowling alley had blue tinted lights that looked pretty cool. I had an luminous pink bowling ball, because i’m in touch with my feminine side. Also that picture of the Thai girl’s bum whilst bowling was purely coincidental, but if any male asks i’ll stick out my chest and pretend i meant it…

So overall it was a fun night. And more importantly, Sasha had fun. After all, it WAS her birthday. At around 12 o clock we all retired to our respective boudoirs and contemplated what was going to be in store for us the following day. 180 baht (just under four pounds) for a night out with my friends, you can’t argue with that. Plus i managed to bag a selfie with a random hot Thai girl! Well, the picture isn’t very clear, but take my word for it…..


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