I’m trying to play cupid at school

There are 2 students in my class, one of them is this gorgeous but ridiculously shy girl who has one of those personalities that you can’t help but warm to, the other is an equally shy male student who is in the process of an incredibly complex teaching training course. He’s a nice guy and very intelligent, so naturally after i saw a few glances and smiles from the two i made it my duty to try and get these two together.

Of course, they are both shy so they won’t do it by themselves, so i made a few jokes in class about them being together. they both seemed receptive to the idea but neither of them would make the first move. On Monday i said sternly, yet jokingly to the male that if he didn’t take her out then i would. To which he smiled and said “OK…” I was so excited by this that i slapped down 100 baht and said that i would pay for the first dinner. The girl smirked and said “That’s not enough for me!” and giggled. At least she sets her standards high! Cheeky bitch, gimme back my 100 baht…..

It’s quite funny because i have seen many a teacher try to penetrate as many of their students as they can, where i’m trying to actually set them up with each other. Oh young love, i hope i get an invite to the wedding…

So hows the book doing?

What this one?


It’s doing well. I haven’t got a review yet, but these things take time. It took two and a half months before i got my first review for my second book. I’m not advertising it anywhere either so i can’t complain. Anything i get at all before i start pushing the book is a bonus really.

No, i meant your latest one!

Oh the pornstar one? She’s in Prague filming a couple of scenes there. I want to get her to meet some bitter actresses who have had some bad luck in the industry, as well as some male stars who are arseholes. It would be unfair to portray anything as this ray of sunshine that would be a dream job for anyone. You have to show the negatives as well as the positives. I’ve also started to make it a bit more realistic. At the start of her career I’ve made it where she is filming in someone’s basement with directors who think they are better than you and probably won’t pay you. This may not be what the industry is like but it’s mainly to get the reader to rally behind the protagonist and show that she’s a tough cookie mentally and willing to pay her dues. Later on in the book i want it to be much more realistic, which is not what the average person would think…

Which is….? 

Ha ha! Nice try, you have to buy it.

Gotcha, anything else?

Not really, just writing, working and chilling. It’s REALLY hot in Thailand at the moment so I’ve been cranky for a while. Other than that i don’t have much to report. Next week will be the Songkran Special in the ping pong tournament saga. BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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