So I’ve just written 500 words of absolute rubbish

You know that feeling of euphoria when you’ve absolutely nailed a scene and you possibly do a little jig to celebrate, then you read it back to yourself and realise that it’s…let’s face it; shit? Yep, had this last night at 2 in the morning.

I was well chuffed when i had written it down, i hadn’t written anything in 3 days so it was nice to physically get something on paper (or the computer in this case) however i wasn’t anticipating that what i was going to write would be garbage.

I suppose it is good that i can recognize when something isn’t written to a high enough standard rather than writing any old rubbish, but it’s still annoying that i have to plan out the whole scene again and rewrite it. Oh well, here i go. Wish me luck!


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