My third book is out. That’s sounds pretty cool when i say it out loud…



Have you ever wanted to do something, but because it seems so far-fetched and near impossible you just gave up and accepted your place in life?

Owen Davis always wanted to be a comedian ever since he was a little boy, he loved the feeling of making people feel good and seeing people laugh. However he didn’t even attempt to achieve his dream because he thought it was a ridiculous thing to wish for. Things like that never happened to normal people like Owen….

That is until he met Lena.

Lena wanted to be a footballer, but she was also scared to fulfill her ambitions. One day she said to him that if he chased his dreams, she would chase hers.

This is one ordinary man’s story on his quest to be somebody. “It’s time to stop playing safe, this is my moment, and I’ve got to take it.” He thought. But will he reach the heights he has always dreamed of? Or will he fall by the wayside like thousands of other wannabes?


It has taken a while, but with the help of various people i can finally say that i’m proud to announce my third book is on sale now at Amazon. Click here to buy it now. This is technically the fourth book i have written (i never released my second one, since i think it is far from finished and needs a lot of re-writing. I will go back to it one day) and hopefully you will see my writing progress in the process.

Thank you to everyone who supported me and made this book possible. I couldn’t have done this on my own and i’m thankful for everyone who contributed, whether it was directly or indirectly.


If you like to read the first few pages of this book for free, click here

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