So ‘Catmosphere’ is a thing…


A couple of weeks ago i told a friend of mine that there was a cafe in Chiang Mai called ‘Catmosphere’. It’s exactly what you think it would be; a cafe with cats running around causing havoc but being really cute in the process. She said she really wanted to go so we got a red truck (which is kind of a cross between a bus and a taxi) to Catmosphere for a light lunch.


I got a spaghetti carbonara and Cailee (the lovely lady that accompanied me) got a raspberry cheesecake. They were both orgasmic! Cailee offered me some of her cheesecake and i politely declined a couple of times as they are the rules set by the King of our land many moons ago. Our forefathers were always taught to say no at least twice, but when she offered it to me a third time the law did not apply anymore and i devoured a small piece of it. If i had known her longer i probably would have taken a controlling share of the cake, but seeing as i had only known her for a few weeks at this point i stuck to my English roots and took a tiny piece, pretending that it was more than enough whilst staring jealously at the rest of her cake…


Then this little legend waddled over to me and lied down as to say “I run this gaff, and i’m going to lie here like a slut to prove it…” Notice the cat in the background in the bottom right picture (or the fourth picture if you reading this on your phone…) looking at the Kate Winslet wannabe disapprovingly as if to say, “If i was in charge there would be some changes around here, that’s for sure…” He kept that pose for about 5 minutes until he got distracted by ‘King things’ and strutted his stuff somewhere else.

So all in all it was pretty cool. A very unique idea that will hopefully take off in the near future. Especially in countries such as these where there are lots of stray animals (more specifically on the islands) it could be a way to give some of them a nice, loving home where people who have a soft spot for cats can come and spoil them rotten. The only shame about this was that it was so small. More often than not it is full and you have to wait for a while before you can come in. But other than that i give it 2 thumbs up.



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