We’ve All Been There

Anyone who is a writer, or has had to do a written university assignment of any kind has experienced this, although when it happens to you it doesn’t exactly make it any easier…

On Saturday for the first time this experience happened to me. I never went to University so i have never had the pleasure of writing horrifically long dissertations, instead i was gaining life experience working in a hotel in Italy, where i learned a lot about the hotel trade and picked up a language at the same time.

Anyway, lets get back onto topic; i’m in the process of writing my 6th book, and i was writing a sex scene (sorry mum!). I was about three quarters through the scene and disaster struck; there was a power cut in my apartment block. It was for no longer than a second but long enough to wipe out my computer.

As i turned my computer back on it suddenly occurred to me that i hadn’t saved my work since i started writing it that day, and i had been writing for at least an hour. I did what any normal person would do in this situation and shouted “FUCK!” repeatedly at my screen. I managed to recover some of my work, but it was less than a quarter of what i had written that day.

I then proceeded to throw a childish tantrum and say “FUCK IT, I’M NOT DOING IT ANYMORE!”, complete with the crossing of the arms and a sulky face. My tantrum continued into the next day, where i ‘couldn’t be bothered’ to pick up where i left off. Then on the second day (Monday) I was trying to get myself motivated to start again and i couldn’t. That was until i called myself out and told myself to “Stop being a little bitch and get on with it!”

I then thought about when i went to England. i went to a place called Torquay where i used to live and saw one of my old friends that i used to work with. She invited me round her house to see her, her husband (whom i was also friends with) and their kids.

She has three boys, and i was playing with Lego with the two older boys. Somewhere along the line the middle one accidentally knocked the older one’s Lego set and smashed what he had built. The older one started to cry. I then went into hero mode and told him softly, “Don’t worry, because now we get to make a new one, and this one is going to be even better than the first!” He smiled and i was right. I was bluffing but i was right! We made an incredible trap door style dungeon where we could place the Lego characters and then drop them into oblivion.

So i thought to myself, “Why don’t you do that? So you lost the first one. Lets write it again and this time it is going to be even better than the last one!”

And it was. I made sure i saved it every 5 minutes just in case, but when i read it back i was far happier with this one than the one i wrote before. So in the end i took my own advice and everything worked out for the best. And now i’m just as motivated as i was before, which is great because i pretty much have this book written in my head, now i just have to physically write it down…


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