The Sixth Book Is Well Underway. Wow, Am I Actually Saying These Words!?!?!?

Go on then. Let’s get this over with…

Yep, i’m 10 thousand words in and I’ve barely started the main story! My last one was 58000 words for the first draft and i have a feeling that this will be even longer! I may have to cut some of the story out at the beginning because in my honest opinion i feel it drags a bit, but other than that i’m happy with it so far.

So what’s this one about?

Well, it’s very self explanatory once you know what the title is, and it’s simply called… (drum roll please…..) The Pornstar.


Yeah, it explores the life of a porn star, written in a first person point of view like all my books (except the war one), I’m hope to give people a different insight into what is perceived as a dirty industry by many. They are people too, and probably have back stories just as interesting as us. Their lives are something that most people couldn’t even imagine and i’m hoping to try and get into the mind of a porn star. Although that is a hell of a lot easier said than done!

So is the porn star male or female?

The main character is female. Strangely i felt that i could connect with the character more if it were a female. I’m a very sensitive person and felt writing from the point of view of a cocky, arrogant male porn star wouldn’t seem authentic. Neither would a shy male porn star. I thought it would be better to see a shy girl start in the industry and watch her grow in confidence as the book progresses. That’s the plan anyway, but it wouldn’t be the first time that drastically changed the way the book was written if something better pops into my head as i write it.

Six books though….

I know. Even now i still don’t believe it. The title of this blog pretty much sums up how i feel most of the time when i talk about what books i have written/am writing. I know i’m repeating myself but i was a kid who failed most of his exams, and had absolutely zero interest in any kind of writing over a year ago. And here i am churning out books whilst having a full time job at the same time! I’m sure they’re not perfect, but i’m happy with the end product and i’m learning through experience the more i do it. Hopefully one day i can support myself just doing this and not have to work at the same time (mind you, i feel that i would probably take a few menial jobs for a few months or so just to give me some ideas about what to write, since a lot of my characters have either worked in a bar or a restaurant as that’s what i know…)

So how is work?

It’s brutal as always. In one lesson i asked someone if they knew the meaning of a word that i don’t really remember if i’m honest with you and one student replied “About something.” In a totally serious way, thinking he had just provided me with the right answer. Of course TECHNICALLY it was the right answer, as ‘About something’ pretty much covers every single possible scenario, but i still died a little inside…

Also while teaching MASAKO! last weekend i was in a classroom where the previous teacher had left a load of writing on the board (presumably to make him/herself look good) however this never impresses me and is normally followed up by something unprofessional. So whilst MASAKO! was taking a quick review test i wrote on the board right next to it:

Q: Who’s gonna give it ya?

(a) Uptown Funk

(b) DMX

(c) The Wealdstone Raider

And of course i left it there for someone else to find and hopefully have a giggle or two in the process. Like my nephew’s teacher when he hears a five year old shout, “RKO!!! FROM OUTTA NOWHERE!!!” Whenever a kid falls over in the classroom…

Are you doing anything else other than your books?

I’m plucking glad you asked! I’m now writing blog posts for CM Stay. I don’t write all of them but it’s more experience in writing and getting my name out there. Click here to see my latest post on there. And i’m done for another week. We’re having another ping pong tournament soon so find out if i retain my title or not next week…..f

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